Goenka Business Solutions: A Comprehensive Financial Service Advisory offering One-Stop Solutions for all Financial Needs

CIO Vendor Assisting the corporate players with Debt Advisory, Merger & Acquisition Advisory, Distress Asset Advisory & Investment Advisory business, the financial advisory domain is not only emerging as a substantial industry having perennial significance but is also expected to envisage a noteworthy inflammation in the upcoming future. Pulling the right strings at the right time to procure obstinate results, the financial advisory segment is known for its impeccability and impetuosity nature which furthermore makes it a more challenging arena. However, there are some prominent gaps as well in this huge segment pertaining to haphazard borrowing, mismanagement of balance sheets, lack of awareness about products, under standing the right structure and so on. With a notion to address the existing industry gaps pragmatically, Sumit Rai and Anirudh Goenka came forward to lay the foundation of Goenka Business Solutions (GBS) in 2019 as a perfect blend of the strong pedigree of professional skillset and street smartness. As one of the dominating players of this segment, GBS is leveraging its experience and expertise as a comprehensive financial service advisory firm offering a one stop solution for all types of financial needs.

For a wide range of services ranging from domestic to across the border, GBS is adequately serving its clients by continuously delivering a plethora of advisory services on domestic and cross border Debt Advisory (Strong focus on Structured Debt & Supply chain Financing), cross border M& A, strategic
alliances, management buyouts and buyins, and leveraged buyouts. Offering
customized advisory services in an extensive range, the various services offered by the premium advisory firm includes Structured funding and debt advisory, mergers and acquisitions advisory, private equity advisory, and many more. "Finding the right target for the client, we help them connect to the right set of assets and with the right set of buyers as well. With a cohesive and inclusive approach, we are trying to create a system within our company wherein we will target four different verticals including the Debt Advisory Vertical, Mergers and acquisitions advisory, Private Equity Advisory & Distress Assets Advisory. The perfect amalgamation of business expertise and sturdy professional background of our resources has helped us to obtain prolific distinctiveness in the market in the long run. Monitoring our business in such a way to offer a viable and workable solution, has helped us in a way to take numerous challenging assignments so far," avers Sumit Rai, Co-Founder, Goenka Business Solutions.

Comprehending the required growth opportunities of the financial advisory domain at present, Goenka Business Solutions is seamlessly ensuring a perfect blend of deep intelligence and insights along with structured finance products addressing the unique credit needs of the clients. Technology, processes, and data-driven insights have helped the firm to ascertain fast and superior execution. In an exclusively dynamic industry, GBS has managed to outshine by promoting robust and long term relationships."Growing exponentially since our inception, we are witnessing a significant geographical spread at present and we would like to consider it as a milestone for us. Apart from that, we have also been demonstrating profitable figures lately which has further cemented our hold over the market at present,"states SumitRai.

Assisting the clients in accomplishing their financial goals by an indepth realization of their needs, GBS strives hard to advise and empower its clients as well as bring a definite direction to their aims and objectives. Vindicating a culture of excellence through its eminent talent pool and premeditated partnerships impeccably, GBS has made it clear that conquering the financial advisory market is just a step ahead. "As of now, we want to consolidate the above mentioned four verticals of financial advisory to get a stronger hold over the market. Our focus is to build a team around these verticals and we have been continuously looking for people who can join our team and who can be part of our success Journey in these four verticals,"concludes Sumit Rai.