Wealth Direct: Guiding Investors to successful financial Journey

CIO Vendor The Indian fintech space is looking most innovative & evolving across the world. This space has seen most unicorn in recent past. WealthDirect has carved a niche for themselves in this space. Armed with their cutting edge technology with help of their proprietary & customized risk profiling model, WealthDirect emphasizes is to be provide tailor made personalized services combined with trust, reliability & Integrity which includes assisting people to invest their wealth by assessing their long and short term goals. An organization based on the pillars of Investor Trust, Transparency & Quality Relationship Wealth Direct is equipped with strong governance, wisdom & insight to ensure deep commitment towards its client's expectations. Often acknowledged and appreciated for its analytical vigor & strong research capabilities, WealthDirect has been predominantly engaged in helping clients to excel in the game of wealth creation, since its inception in 2011. WealthDirect has stood its ground by putting into effect the years of experience gained by its founders Shekhar & Vipin, who are currently positioned as the directors of the company. For the holistic development of the firm, the dynamic duo has devoted their financial management and risk management skills garnered through several market cycles recession, recoveries, and multiple ups & downs.

WealthDirect applies a tactical approach to reduce volatility while delivering a consistent long-term return to the customers

Providing a myriad of financial services like Investment Solutions, Mutual Funds, Tax Advisory Solutions, Insurance & Protection Solutions, Retirement Solutions, Child Education Solutions, Fixed Income Solutions, and so on, WealthDirect applies a tactical approach to reduce volatility while delivering a consistent long term return to the customers. With innovation being the lifeblood of successful organization, WealthDirect uses the latest state-of-the-art research tool& capabilities, to continuously create superior risk adjusted solutions for its investors. "Implementing advanced technologies like Goal GPS and Fina Metric Profiling System, Wealthdirect try to capture the details of the investors and do the work according to their requirements, along with gradually improving application. The company's motto is 'Involve to Evolve', which ascertains that the company involves itself deeply with the client's financial concerns and evolves along with those
very concerns. The company is dedicated to 'YOU', which stands for Your Goals, Our Commitment, and Unbelievable Wealth Creation," states Shekhar Rai, Director, Wealth Direct.

The company is dedicated to 'YOU', which stands for: Your Goals, Our Commitment, and Unbelievable Wealth Creation

With digitization as its backbone, WealthDirect is enabling wealth creation for the clients, reaching across demographics and geographies to provide every client with a judicious, goal oriented Investment platform, WealthDirect makes use of technological advancements The company is dedicated to 'YOU', which stands for: Your Goals, Our Commitment, and Unbelievable Wealth Creationlike Goal GPS, Portfolio X-ray System, FinaMetrica, Risk Profiling System, and so on. Envisioning to increase financial literacy among Indians and make them capable of discerning the difference between a good and a better financial product, the company offers insurance management, IPO, bonds, tax planning, and other services that cover the entire spectrum of wealth planning and management. From tax reduction to tax harvesting strategies to Understanding Behavior Patterns, WealthDirect helps its clients through every possible financial management through authentic process along with relevant knowledge and guidance around their current financial situation and their goals.

WealthDirect has been showered with recognition and awards since its inception, some of which includes Recognition by Hindustan Times, Times of India, Hindustan Hindi, Prosperity Advisor Award 2015, Upper Crust Award 2016, India's 25 Most Promising Financial Consultants 2017 by Consultant Review Magazine, Emerging Fintech Startup 2018 by Insight Success Magazine , Consultant of the year 2019 By Business Connect , India's Most Trusted Investment Services Company 2020 By Innovative Zone and so on, for its outstanding performance and CSR activities. For their future prospects, the company has plans to work with a digitalized Financial model and aims to grow the business across the boundaries. "Striving to realize our vision to be among the leading Financial Services companies in India, we have laid out solid expansion plans for the future to increase their visibility across various Indians cities by improving continuously," concludes Vipin Bhutani, Director, WealthDirect.