White Space Consulting and Capability Building: A Boutique Healthcare Consulting Firm Dedicated To Ensuring Sustained Growth Of Clients

CIO Vendor The global healthcare industry is a booming market segment that is expected to grow at an impressive CAGR of 6.71 percent to cross 20 billion US dollars by 2025. This particular consultancy vertical is also showing huge growth potential in India with many new companies entering this stratum regularly. WhiteSpace Consulting and Capability Building is one of the pioneering healthcare consulting firm that has been able to separate themselves from the rest owing to the quality of their offerings and the actual impact made on their client's business operations. Dr. Vikram A Munshi is the Founder and the force behind WhiteSpace Consulting and Capability Building. In the last 10 years he has been able to develop a unique consultancy firm that offers customised solutions in the area of strategy and marketing that actually helps make tangible impact to their client's business.

While talking about the inception story of the company and some of the challenges that he faced during the early stages, Dr. Munshi adds, "As any person brought up in an educated middleclass home in the 80s, the aspiration was to get a job in a good company where one works and then retires. Entrepre neurship was never in the radar. After completing my MBA, I started my career in 1996 with GSK Pharma ceuticals (earlier known as Glaxo India Ltd) as a Management Trainee. I was with GSK for 7 years before moving to Ranbaxy. In 2010, I decided to take a sabbatical for a year to do my Ph.D. During that time I took up small consulting projects and found it exhilarating. Still, it was a difficult choice leaving a high paying corporate job at the peak of my career to venture into the uncertain world of entrepreneurship But thanks to the support of my family who backed my desire, after a year I decided formalize my venture by forming WhiteSpace Consulting & Capability Building in 2012. Since White Space was self-funded, I had to be really careful of where to spend my money. I had to utilize cash in the optimal manner to grow and develop my business from the ground up. I prioritized on building a website and getting a professional membership on Linkedin over taking an office space. The logic was simple, it was the website and the linkedin profile that potential clients would see first. We also had to build up our reputation and over the course of 11 years, we have been able to develop into a trusted name in the pharma industry".
WhiteSpace Consulting and Capability Building has developed a diversified service portfolio to cater to the varied requirements of their clients, and when asked about their offerings and their USP, Dr. Munshi states, "We started by offering training and consulting services. And then, we got into various business transformation projects for clients that helped us to grow as an organization. Now, we are into three verticals including consulting and capability building, primary research and insights, and branding consulting. There are 3 things that separate us from the rest One, We practice what we preach. Whatever we say and guide our clients on, we have done it ourselves and have got results. Two, We are very hands-on and application based which helps us to get the desired results for our clients. And three, We are also one of the very few consultants in the healthcare space that have relevant case studies that we have acquired over the years. Apart from all this, the tie-ups that we have with various other subject matter experts allows us to make the best informed decisions for our clients".

Whitespace consulting and capability building is one of the pioneering healthcare consulting firm that has been able to separate themselves from the rest owing to the quality of their offerings and the actual impact made on their client's business operations

All this has helped WhiteSpace Consulting and Capability Building to not just create but also maintain an impressive clientele that includes some of the top Indian and multinational pharma companies. Evolving with the changing times, White Space Consulting and Capability Building is also gearing up for a brighter future with the company aiming to come up with solutions that will help the healthcare industry as a whole. Going forward, the consultancy firm is also aiming to offer their services to other players in the healthcare industry apart from just pharma companies.

Dr.Vikram A Munshi, Founder And Principal Consultant, Whitespace Consulting
Aggressive healthcare companies in india and asia seek vikram's knowledge and help in raising the bar at all levels in their organizations to achieve sustainable long term performance. Vikram's 15 years of experience in all facets of sales, marketing, and promotion of pharmaceuticals helps him bring to the table strong fundamentals of marketing, leadership & sales force excellence.

Offerings: Healthcare Consultancy, Marketing And Salesforce Excellence Chains

Headquarters: Gurgaon, Haryana