Trusted SCM Solutions: A Business Organization That Prioritizes On Quality And Client Satisfaction

CIO Vendor If you search for SCM consultants on the internet, you are likely to end up with firms offering either ERP solutions or out sourcing of SCM activities like procurement, warehousing etc. While this is a growing requirement, it only caters to some categories of clients. Just installing a good ERP system doesn't resolve issues, if the system is not utilized effectively. Data analysis, for instance, is an ignored area especially in SCM. There is a large chunk of industry that even doesn't recognize the need for studying their existing policies, processes & controls in SCM. It is often left to the statutory auditors to point out short comings or deviations. While these auditors are experts in accounting and finances, they might not have the requisite expertise or even basic knowledge of the nuances of SCM. SCM Policy, Vendor management, contracts, process controls and competency development could be some such areas, where good SCM consultants can play a defining role in upgrading the performance of the team, function and the company as a whole. Acknowled ging this scenario, TrustedSCM is an organi zation that aims to be a change agent in the Indian SCM consultancy space.And with their commitment to never compromise on the quality of their offerings, the company has been able to create a niche for themselves in the industry.

The Journey to Achieve SCM excellence
Ravi Valluri & Srinivasan S are the brains behind TrustedSCM and when asked about the inception story of the company, Ravi says, "With the several years of corporate experience in SCM, we thought of passing on the learning to supplychain professionals across industry. So, Competency development was surely one of our main goals. While procurement has been the focus of several organizations over the decades, SCM in totality with unified policy and inter linked processes seemed to be lacking. This was the second area of consultancy we thought of offering. The third and a newer concept, where we wanted to contribute, was that of sustainable supply chains in line with the UN Sustainable development goals and the UN Global Compact, with thrust on environment, ethics and compliances. Being inside a corporate set up, the role of Managers at the middle and even senior level, gets directed towards routine and fire fighting activities. Any major change or improvement would need humungous efforts due to the inherent constraints in a running setup. A consultant's role thus would be all the more necessary in taking a bird's eye view of the functioning of a team or function and providing practical recommendations for bettering the performance. These were the ideas behind our decision to start Trusted SCM".

The company also believes that in the corporate sector, consulting business opportunities for start up companies need to be encouraged more. Their experience has helped Trusted SCM to deliver significantly better results at lesser costs as compared to top consulting companies. The betterment would be in terms of costs, controls, performance metrics, data analytics, system effectiveness, cross functional coordination and people competencies. Therefore, corporate companies need to re think and evaluate consulting work objectively(cost benefit analysis) instead of just going by the brand name.
The Road Ahead
Adding more about the services offered by the company, Srinivasan states, "While our core competency lies in the Supply chain domain, we have started working in areas such as production, quality control, HR & Admin and overall processes of the entire organization. We also offer consultancy services for any function which requires Strategy development, process improvement, Cost optimization, Change management, Improving Customer experience risk assessment etc. Apart from systems & processes we also look into people competencies, roles and people development as a very crucial aspect for sustained improvement. We work very closely with people & suggest changes that benefit individual as well organization. We conduct audits on Compliances, Processes, Vendors and Environmental aspects. We organize workshops and conduct competency development programs to SCM professionals at all levels to enhance their capabilities. We also coach, mentor and handhold teams for a period of time to ensure long term benefits to the organization, Recently we have been engaged in conducting "Green and Energy audits" for higher educational institutions for their NAAC accreditation".

The quality of their offerings and the transparency of their operations has helped trusted SCM in not just creating but also maintaining long term relation ships with their clients

The quality of their offerings and the transparency of their operations have helped to not just create but also maintain long term relationships with the clientele.Trusted SCM have gained good knowledge/ exposure in large projects and are quite confident. Evolving with the changing times, TrustedSCM would be working on emerging technologies in the SCM domain by partnering with technology companies, while consolidating on consulting services as their core area followed by auditing services in areas of internal processes, Vendors and environment & competency development. Going forward, the growth plan for the company is to leverage their consulting knowledge and reach out to organizations across industries.

Srinivasan Seetharaman, Partner, Trusted SCM Solutions
Srinivasan s is a business management consultant for the past two years. Mathematics graduate with MBA in supplychain management and ms in quality management, he has helped in strategy & operations in SCM function of a leading export organization through process improvements, competency development, restructuring & performance metrics.

Ravi Valluri, Partner, Trusted SCM Solutions
A supply chain management professional with over 25 yrs of experience, he is now providing consultancy services in all aspects of SCM sourcing, procure ment, imports, exports, warehousing, contracts, inventory management, vendor management to improve efficiencies, time, costs, compliances and customer satisfaction through competency development, process revamping, sustainable practices.

Offerings: Consulting & Advisory Services, Competency Development, Audit Services, Sustain ability In Organisations And Their Supply Chains

Headquarters: Chennai, Tamil Nadu