CodeFeverTechnology: a one-stop-solution for all their client's cyber security dilemmas

CIO Vendor A decade back, digitalizing a business was the option of big firms, however lately, owing to covid19 the situation changed, and digitalization turned into a must have for the majority of businesses. With a large number of businesses moving towards digitalization, the increased deployment of web and cloud based applications has led to the rapid adoption of cloud-based architecture. With that said, poorly secured cloud databases continue to be a weak point for organizations, ranging from simple misconfiguration issues to vulnerabilities in the application. Multiple tools are being widely available, enabling potential attackers to identify loopholes and backdoors in the application data resources on the internet. Hence, for organizations, adopting an active security consulting service is of utmost importance. Moreover, the quick detection and response also play a vital role in addressing such threats. One company who acknowledges the importance of cyber threat and strives to make their mark in the Cyber Security Consultants industry is Code Fever Technology. Saurabh Patrange, Gopal Mandao gade, and Aniket Ramteke are the brains behind Code Fever Technology and their commitment to never compromise on the quality of their offerings has helped the company to clock in impressive growth numbers.

While talking more about the inception ideology of Code Fever Technology and their various offerings, Saurabh Patrange who also holds the position of CEO at the organization, says, "We are a young company with a solid know how and mature vision on the technology sector. Code Fever Technology LTD started to provide IT and specialized web development Services 6 years back for the local market. Within 2 years we noticed a steady growth in business size, and we started targeting international markets especially the EU zone, GCC countries and the USA. Our team is specialized in Web Applications, Mobile Applications, Software programming and IT Consultation Services for different types of organizations and Individual Clients. Our solutions for the creation of Customized Applications help clients to bring their business vision to life. Our custom software services range from technology consulting, market research, Qs and As, maintenance of applications, and solutions integration. Code Fever Technology Ltd also
offers UI and UX design services,product visuali zing, road mapping, and support". The quality of their offerings and the transparency of their operations have helped Code Fever Technology to not just create but also maintain an impressive clientele that includes top brands like Cidrus Ltd, Azie Technologies Inc, and Aarohi Info to name a few. With their offices present both in India and the UK, the company is able to cater to a global audience and explore new business opportunities in different markets as well.

Code fever technology and their commitment to never compromise on the quality of their offerings has helped the company to clock in impressive growth numbers

Adding more about how Code Fever Technology strives for consistent improvement and their future plans, Saurabh says, "We keep complete track of the performance of our employees, and organize workshops to keep them updated on the latest technics. Besides that, we maintain a training schedule for each of our employees. We are subscribed with Udemy and blockchain council where all the employees need to attend training programs on a timely basis to upgrade their skills and be ready for the next project/Challenge. Our main strength point is the quality resources of our developers. Our near future roadmap is to expand our team which will enable us to handle bigger size projects and ensures the quality and fast implementation of our international clients' projects. Besides growing our team, we are focused on talented developers within the blockchain and crypto market era, so we started building a foundation in that segment and getting ready to provide stable and secure application for banking and finance segment through trending blockchain technology". Going forward, the versatile trio of Saurabh Patrange(CEO) under the mentorship of Nidal Hamdan(CEO at Cidrus Ltd.), Abhishek Suryawanshi (Director at Wikipedia SWASTHA) is aiming to expand their horizon and cement their legacy in the industry.

Saurabh Patrange, Managing Director, Code Fever Technology
An IT consultant who works with clients, advising them how to use information technology in order to meet their business objectives or overcome problems. Saurabh provide strategic guidance to organisations with regard to technology, it infrastructures and the enable.

Offerings: Software Development, Firewall Security Consulting And Network Solution

Headquarters: Chandrapur, Maharashtra