Aetos Digilog: Assisting Emerging Enterprises Achieve Logistics Maturity Through Digitalization

CIO Vendor Integrated end-to-end logistics solutions are in high demand in India today and the future. This would include a platform for integrated infrastructure and assets, a platform for integrated services, and a platform for integrated digital transactions. The domain is populated by a diverse set of participants, ranging from small exporters and importers to medium sized and big dealers and MNCs. As a result, the industry will continue to see consolidation,process standardization, technology advancements, and digital transformations for more agility, as well as integration between modes of transportation, users, and third party service providers.

Established in 2018, Aetos specializes in driving digital transformation by combining best in class methods with cutting edge technology to help its clients achieve logistics maturity. Anil Arora, Founder, Aetos says, "Aetos was founded as an advisory and investment organization, guiding rising businesses looking to change their logistics operations. We brought a lot of domain knowledge and experience to the table. And one of the main ideas behind it was to change the way individuals manage their materials, both inbound and outbound. The other was putting money into intriguing logistics and technology businesses. We have worked on both tracks and made some minimal technological and logistical investments, also have a large number of small and medium businesses, both in the manufacturing and logistics sectors."

The fundamental requirement of Aetos'clients is to analyse and interpret the transactional data to take informed decisions, say solve choke points in the material flow, as there has inevitably been a disruption or a supply chain edge established by a competitor, as well as to reduce logistics costs. The Aetos team does is a complete analysis of the procedure and process involved today, and the target segment that Aetos is going after is very unique, and that every operation, manufacturing setup has some characteristics that are unique beyond the broad Canvas, but according to Indian environment each logistics operation is unorganised. Aetos sends in a team to learn about the issues faced, formulate a problem statement, and make recommendations for possible solutions.
Services Offered by Aetos
Aetos provides a single vendor solution for total digital transformation they do not sell software or provide consulting services instead, they are responsible for improving the client's logistical operations through digital intervention. Aetos also conducts an as is analysis, gap analysis, need analysis, and process correction, after which the company develops a digital intervention to try and digitalize their clients' entire operation chain through their platform, which has all of the capabilities required to run an efficient logistics operation.

Aetos Provides A Single Vendor Solution For Total Digital Transformation They Do Not Sell Software Or Provide Consulting Services Instead, They Are Responsible For Improving The Client’s Logistical Operations Through Digital Intervention

Aetos provides a collection of analytics that is customized to that operation after the platform is established and data begins to be collected granularly. As a result, to various levels of the organization, to make far more accurate decisions than just solely deciding on feelings or history. On the logistical front, the organization can deliver data driven performance and data driven decision making. And the distinctive characteristic of Aetos is that, at the top end of the business, if clients sign up for a long time and conduct a full engagement with them, team Aetos is even open to sharing part of their fields to the game share that a client has. The company is willing to put its money where its mouth is.

Elucidating future roadmap Capt. Jatin Sharma (Co-Founder and Director of Strategy) adds,, "We will eventually have just India specific plans, with a heavy emphasis on the industrial sector. We want to change the way developing businesses and mid-level manufacturers operate so that we can assist our customers to get a lot more done with the same plant, people, and machinery. Geographically, we work all over the country and are very customer focused. We're working on all four plants for one of our customers, who has ambitions for plants in several geographies. We also intend to introduce our services in some South Asian countries, since we believe there is a lot of overlap in the difficulties and logistics management practices in these countries."

We work with established business excellence advisors and consultants as well, collaborating to bring all stakeholders on a single platform to enable benefit realization not just for the principal but for associated entities.