Englobe Logistics: Catering Logistics and Freight Services Fast & Safe

CIO Vendor Digital advancements in the logistics and transportation industry are incredibly fast paced. Consumer expectations around product delivery and speed are growing manifold, especially in a COVID world where most purchases are being made online. This is putting immense strain on how logistics and transportation service providers manage their supply chains and embrace trends that aim to optimize warehouse operations and fleet management and reduce the overall cost of freight. “From day one our realization has been that technology will play a key role in our evolution and competitive ability. Whether through operations automation to reduce client response time and query handling,business intelligence or industry analysis”,explained Pradip Verma, Founder, Englobe Logistics.

Englobe Logistics is one of the leading logistics service providers offering integrated & turnkey services in shipping, logistics, supply chain management & international trade. The key strength provided by the company is competitive pricing, 24X7 customer support, a Pan India presence and global reach through intermediaries at important ports, expertise in trade documentation, and deep links with all shipping lines. “The pillar of our success has been the realization that the Value Added Services (VAS) model. If we limit ourselves to a discussion of price for a particular cargo, we would become one of the many facelessfreight and logistics firms. To stand out, we realized, advisory services will have to be a strong component of our services bouquet”, said Pradip.

Logistic Solutions to Solve all the Market Challenges
In the initial days of the establishment, the major challenges faced by
by Englobe was building the relationship. It takes a lot of effort to create value, continuously innovate and build trust. As the company evolved, Englobe realized its role as a trusted advisor and used that as a framework for its service delivery. Additionally, the phrase customer first has been bandied, and the company frequently delves deeper into its meaning. They constantly introspect and review their practices, operations, and service delivery model to ensure that the clients are better informed, can plan strategically and are aware of the supply chain risks at any given point in time. This trust building with clients and capacity building inhouse to provide proper advisory go hand in hand and have had to evolve simultaneously in a constant feedback loop.

Englobe realized its role as a trusted advisor and used that as a framework for its service delivery

Furthermore, to support this, Englobe offers a service model in two pronged pricing and advisory. Pricing is related to the movement of goods, mode of shipping and storage. Englobe offers the entire bouquet of services that a full-fledged global logistics and freight solution firm offer like cross country trade, projects, DAP, out gauge cargo, sea air land freight, warehousing & distribution etc. At the same time, the advisory practice relates to market and business intelligence, regulatory intelligence and operations support. Having a counter party presence across all major ports across all continents puts Englobe in a unique position to see what is happening globally in the shipping industry, its allied sectors and the various industries with global supply chains. The company's advantage is that Englobe has invested heavily in its technology backbone to synthesize the data into a meaningful picture.

Hence, with such exceptional services, the company's goal in future is to reduce carbon footprint to net zero and move to an entirely paperless work environment. Englobe is looking at automating most of the process, including customer touch points, where routine communication is involved. Also, the company is planning to build its inhouse database using machine learning which will track shipping patterns, client behaviour, industry trends and other economic factors to highlight better risks looming on the horizon.