Contiship Logistics: A 'One-Stop Shop' with Burning Desire to Bridge the Industry Gaps in Logistics Industry

CIO Vendor In the last few months, self isolated consumers have turned to online shopping due to the lockdown which has created immense pressure on the supply chain logistics industry to keep up with the increasing demand. Logistics companies are stepping up with innovative strategies to respond to these rapidly shifting logistics trends in 2021. Contiship Logistics is also one of the top logistics consultancies which consist of innovative solutions for consumers. Contiship Logistics was established in 1991 by Isaac Thiagarajan who has 30 years of experience in Customs clearance of Imports and exports of MNC and Fortune 500 companies and an expert in handling Minerals, Chemicals, Machinery and food products.

The burning desire to solve the biggest problem for any importer or exporter such as finding multiple sets of individual professionals to complete the import or export in time, to find a custom clearing agent, arrange transportation, and coordinate with warehouse and insurance companies led to the establishment of Contiship Logistics.

Contiship Logistics was built as a ‘one stop shop' offering a multitude of services in sectors of customs clearing, warehousing, transport, survey and insurance to importers and exporters, all under one roof. Providing such a solution, bringing about a small change which seems to have significant remedy to the importers and exporters, truly motivated towards the establishment initially and continues to motivate the firm till date.

“In the current market landscape of logistics consultancy services, GST has been a game changer. Time and cost were reduced considerably in logistics.
With the unexpected contraction from the Covid-19 pandemic, revenue growth for logistics consulting was the worst hit for the export industry. We feel that businesses will resume normal activity with an increased emphasis on protecting supply chains from future external disruptions which will likely bolster demand” shares Isaac Thiagarajan

The major challenge faced by Contiship Logistics was when the firm started handling ODC (over dimension cargo), which led to the recognition of the organization in the industry. However the movement of ODC needed a lot of clearances from multiple departments which was handled by the youngest team and accordingly appreciated by veterans of the industry.

During the initial days, in the '90s the clients had to go to different places and contact numerous agencies, to get the various services involved in the process done. They found the process to be time consuming and making agencies work together was extremely challenging. For this, Contiship came up with a 'one stop shop' or single window solution which was the main requirement for the clients and the firm was able to offer such kind of solution to the client.

“Our dedication and service to the client are the same when we handle a 1 kg parcel or a 25K bulk shipment. We are mutants in our field and we mutate continuously with the latest technologies in improving the services towards our clients, we have clients who have been with us for decades. We believe that communication & commitment is our strength and we work as an extended arm for the clients”- says Isaac Thiagarajan

Contiship Logistics is a pioneer in handling finished gypsum products in the country. This is a fragile low value product and can be damaged easily to counter this Contiship consists of trained labors and equipment operators to handle such fragile material with zero damage. Contiship is also strong in documentation and consists of a separate team to digitalize the documents.

Further, Isaac Thiagarajan, Managing Director mentions the procedure of the firm's warehouse management and future plans of the firm that is, every container entering into the warehouse is photographed and recorded from the seal cutting stage to the unloading or loading stage. Contiship also plans to have an integrated warehouse intire 2 cities for the clients, this shall bring down the cost for clients and continues mutation in the field of logistics in corporation technology/equipment with changing requirements of clients.