RAKCHAMPS & Co. LLP–Offering High End Expertise in Auditing Sector

CIO Vendor As an organization changes and grows, its risk control and compliance activities often become independent and misaligned. This has an impact on both, the governance oversight and the business itself. Often, there are multiple factors that hinder the growth of organizations and push them to the edge of high risk; shifting tax regulations and accounting standards, changing consumer and market demands all plays a part in it. Being a Chartered Accountant, RK Shetty, realized the need for a well organized firm that offers best professional services for its clients. In the year 2002, he founded a firm with a team of experienced Chartered Accountants with the vision to serve the business community across India. Initially known as Singh & Jha, later in the year 2010 the firm was merged and renamed as RAKCHAMPS. Today, the firm offers high-end expertise in Auditing, Consulting, Outsourcing and Business advisory services.

Fluctuations in tax regulations and accounting standards always compell professional service firms to stay apprised in an auspicious way and comprehend the potential impact to the firm and its stakeholders. However, perceiving this RAKCHAMPS modeled the services and today, it’s is a vision transformed into reality by a group of exceptionally experienced and element Chartered Accountants. Taking about the services, R. K. Shetty, Co-Founder of RAKCHAMPS expounds, “We specialize in a bundled service wherein we undertake all operational activities required in a normal course of a business in India.” The firm provides a complete opportunity to the entrepreneurs to focus on their core activities; sales and revenue. Being a service-oriented organization RAKCHAMPS offers well-chiseled services in Audit & Taxation, Business Support, Corporate & Allied Laws, Secretarial Services, Assurance & Compliances and Financial Consulting.
Based out of Mumbai, the firm has a robust network of offices across all the major cities in India and professional associations outside India. According to RK Shetty, the firm has grown leaps and bounds. Initially to step out of the conventional boundaries and procure market stability, the firm had to face inexorable rivalry from management professionals and consultants. However, by helping clients stay informed and navigating them through the tax and accounting issues; today, the firm offers much more than others in the space. “Our specialized practice focuses on the needs of service providers and we have deep experience addressing complex taxation, accounting, fraud, and internal issues of the clients,” says Shetty.

By helping clients stay informed and navigating them through the tax and accounting issues; today, RAKCHAMPS offers much more than others in the space.

Over the years the organization has built a mutual relationship with its clients based on faith. They serve a series of clients which includes State Bank of India, United Breweries, St. John’s Research Institute, SAB Miller India Pvt. Ltd, Reliance Vision Express Pvt. Ltd, Mindspace, Kleiberit Adhesives India Pvt. Ltd among others. with more than 12 operating companies all over India and employing approximately 100 people, the firm has conquered the market. Being with the clients and relentlessly pursuing their objectives, RAKCHAMPS brings to the table a holistic approach. “We endeavor to provide savvy and cost-effective services understanding that our primary purport is accomplishing our clients’ business objectives, ” further expounds Shetty. Above all this client-oriented firm is paneled with Comptroller & Audit General (C & AG) of India and Reserve Bank of India.

RAKCHAMPS is fueled by the pioneering spirit that inspired its founders to continually transform the way accounts are handled. Within five years, the firm envisions to be a well-reputed name in the Indian accounting space and also aims to spread beyond India.