PKF Consulting Private Limited: Building a Strong Presence in the Big Four Dominated Internal Audit Space

Finance greatly influences the commercial world. It controls a range of business transactions, starting from investments to trading to earning profits or incurring losses. Calculations of such profits or losses are reflected in the books of accounts maintained by entities. Hereafter, auditors are appointed by such enterprises to investigate, examine and analyze those books and subsequently give a review on the observations made. To render such in-depth study in audit observations, PKF Consulting Private Limited began its operations from Dubai in 2005 and spread its wings to India, Hong Kong and Kenya. The firm was established with a view to deliver quality solutions following global standards and maintaining high integrity while working.

According to Arjun Santhanakrishnan, a partner of the firm, PKF principally aims to serve the government sector to earn utmost revenues. However, a certain amount of the revenue also comes from the services delivered to large, medium and small enterprises. These services include internal/management audit, project audits, risk assessment, a statutory audit of financial statements and tax audits. In addition, the firm offers consultation in terms of taxation, ERM (Enterprise Resource Management), risk management and data warehousing. One of its major services includes Information Technology review that pertains to how IT has been structured and customized for catering the best-deserved technology suiting the necessities of the clients. The organization also supports its clients with in-depth study in valuation, due diligence and deal structuring during its Merger and Acquisition.
Auditing is a significant function in an enterprise and requires proficiency to maintain the accuracy of the accounting transactions. To keep those accounting records apposite, larger companies tend to rely on the Big Fours whereas medium or small businesses invite independent consultants or small firms that provide services at affordable prices. Consequently, a gap prevails between the Big Fours and the small sized auditing firms. There was always a need for medium sized audit firm that could act as an alternate to the big fours and could also serve the small enterprises. PKF thus emerged to expand in the vacuum and to put up their benchmarking services for both large and small businesses.

PKF supports its clients with in-depth study in valuation, due diligence and deal structuring during its Merger and Acquisition

The company’s skill and long-term knowledge has helped it to accommodate its work in the changed and diversified industrial set-up. It has managed to leave its impression in the following industrial sectors such as, automobile, banking and capital, chemicals, financial, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, engineering and construction etc. Besides working with Indian company, PKF consultancy also deals with the international business set up, providing some distinguished functions such as policy writing. The firm is gaining strength in this particular segment and is looking forward to excel in it. It is rendering its services into overseas countries such as UAE and Kenya and wants to deploy its own technology to modify the process of auditing in the near future.