Spectra Management Consultancy: Taking the Management Consulting Industry by Storm

CIO Vendor The day to day innovation, modernization and changing business dynamics in the global business world has brought significant changes in the way businesses are conducted today. This includes newer and improved ways of doing business by enhancement of core competencies to deliver higher value, cost controls and optimizations to maintain bottom-line, technology innovations to reach larger and newer markets etc. With these changing dynamics, organizations face different challenges and risks which requires improved level of processes, audits, compliances and governance expertise to assist management teams of today’s business environment.Thriving in such fields of Risk, Management and Business Consulting, Spectra Management Consultancy was setup as a single stop solution provider for management teams of large to medium enterprises.With the vision to partner with today’s management teams in enabling them to reach to their business goals, by right risk management tools and techniques, appropriate technology interface and governance protocols, the firm was setup in June 2008 byRachit Desai along with his senior partners from family firms with its base in Pune and network offices spread in Gujarat and Maharashtra. Rachit comes from a family of practicing Chartered Accountants having presence in the professional arena for more than four decades. On a personal front, Rachit is a technology enthusiast and also pursues Amateur Radio as a hobby.

Rachit explains that his irresistible desire to drive things directly and differently, to lead and to take risks and to work with top management teams in enabling and driving business solutions, to drive the agenda of ethics and governance in corporate boardrooms motivated him to setup the firm. Rachit further explains that during this journey of seven years in Spectra, he and his team has executed various assignments across geographies in more than twelve countries and has serviced wide range of industry segments including Cement, Renewable Energy, Core manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Forging and Foundry, Consulting, Shipping & Logistics, etc. He believes that his firm’s exposure in different markets and industry gives the team right insight into delivering better solution to their clients. Spectra, therefore, is well positioned to be the right boutique assisting management teams of SMEs by delivering solutions and best practices by use of right process, controls framework and technology skills.Spectra, today focuses on niche areas of services to its clients through quality, commitment with affordable pricing and needful flexibility.The firm delivers solutions in the areas of Management Assurance, Management & Business Consulting and Business Support Services by using the adequate use technology where typical firms fail to perform.
Spectra’s Management Assurance practice covers Management Audits, Process Audits, Risk-based Audits, Compliances, Internal Controls setups and auditing. Further, the firm has one of the largest Forensic and Investigation Services in India with a state of the art forensic lab, latest tools and techniques to conduct preventive Fraud Risk Assessments as well as proactive and reactive white collar crime investigations. The firm has conducted more than 250 end to end investigations across geographies and industry segments identifying multiple high profile frauds. The firm has earned accolades in its brilliance in obtaining market intelligence in the most challenging environments. By statistics, Spectra is positioned as top boutique firm in this practice. The firm also assists its clients in setup of governance protocols, ethics helpline, code of business and ethical conduct. The firm also assists many clients in India in providing ethics helpline as a service which is a secured, independent, impartial and efficient reporting channel for whistle-blowers across the globe. As a package, Spectra offers complete one stop solution for Management’s Assurance for Risk, Controls, Ethics and Compliance.

Through an internal application development team, Spectra develops customized business application in risk management, business process automation or addressing a specified business problem.

Spectra’s Business Consulting practice covers Operational and Technology Consulting services like Business Plan and Budgeting, Manpower Benchmarking, Cost Benchmarking, Cost Management, Performance Management, Market Intelligence on costs, products, strategy, setup and operating Management Reporting Systems, ERP or Business Application Advisory and Consulting, Program Management Office to drive initiatives across business functions and processes, drive change management process etc. Through an internal application development team, the firm also develops customized business application in risk management, business process automation or addressing a specified business problem. The firm has executed these assignments across multiple geographies giving itself reach and significant experience and exposure to position it rightly.

Spectra’s Business Support Services covers process outsourcing services in areas of Human Resources, Accounting and Book Keeping, Customer Relationship Management, Procurement, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables, Customer Support Desk and Query Management, IT Strategy Management, Application Development, Business Setup Support, Lead to Quote Management services etc.

The firm performs its services through high ethical and hygiene standards. The company puts an emphasis on building a long-term partnership with its clientele by serving the management team closely. It offers unique service product combination to its clients by enabling it to be a single interface between business control functions and support functions. To achieve more successes in its upcoming future and to outshine globally, Spectra Management Consultancy is focusing on growth in its three major verticals visibly, Governance, Risk & Compliance Services (GRCS), Business Consulting Services (BCS) and Business Support Services (BSS).