Vartika PR: A Pioneering PR Agency Striving for Perfection through Constant Innovation

CIO Vendor Vartika PR is a young Hyderabad-based PR firm that tries to focus on simple CORE message and explore multiple tools to amplify the same and reach their audience and stakeholders. Vartika PR has evolved as highly credible PR agency since its inception, and the company has created a solid platform to leverage their growth based on their key value system – HONESTY. What the company promise is what they deliver and Vartika PR constantly strive to stick to this value. The company operates with the philosophy that if they can keep their clients HAPPY with organized storytelling & help youngsters join the industry, they would be doing great service.

“I have spent over a decade working with National PR agencies handling different assignments and multiple sectors. However, due to some challenges with my last employer, I had to look for other options as they were shutting down operations. I approached some PR agencies, who were ready to accommodate me but the condition was that I may not get the last drawn salary. Those 2-3 months in early 2013 was indeed trying times that led to the idea of floating my own PR firm leveraging my experience. It also occurred to me that I should encourage and help young talent wanting to enter the sector – thus VARTIKA PR in 2013 was born. My clients expect intel about the markets in which I am working and have cultivated lot of resources that work on industry and media intelligence. On periodic intervals, I develop small reports on the market scenario and changing business landscape and share with clients. We offer PR Services, Media Relations, Digital Media, Advertisements, Crisis Management,
Celebrity management. The unique feature of my offer and services is that, the client need not approach multiple vendors to execute their communications, Vartika PR is one-stop-shop center. This gives an edge over my competitors”, states, Sudarshan D, Founder and CEO, Vartika PR while talking about the inception story and the services offered by the company.

I feel encouraged to do more and keep learning on how I could add value for my clients and help them reach their stakeholders with a better organized story

Adding more about the evolution of Vartika PR and their future plans, Sudarshan say, “The PR industry has evolved over last 2 decades and learning is a continuous process for me. From sending hard copy media releases and invitations by fax to emails and now WhatsApp, lot of change has happened and the entire ecosystem is accepting & adapting to these changes. I am learning about digital PR from my team and working with clients to help them leverage digital PR along with conventional PR and advise clients to keep their CORE message short & simple. Today, I am witnessing gradual acceptance of exploring ways to enhance reach and also willingness to listen to counsel that I bring of my 20+ years of rich experience. We are small team of 6 members including myself – helps manage work better and keeps it simple. I interface with clients to build business and also work with media relationships. My colleagues help in running the operations that include disseminating media releases, taking calls, conduct media briefings & interviews and routine office work. It’s heartening to hear from both media & clients that our services have improved and word-of-mouth reference is the best endorsement of our work. I feel encouraged to do more and keep learning on how I could add value for my clients and help them reach their stake holders with a better organized story. We have covered lot of ground and as we are constantly learning and evolving, opportunities to offer a large bouquet of services might come and Vartika PR will be ready for them”.