Launcherz: Striving to Scale Unprecedented Heights in the Indian PR Industry

CIO Vendor Launcherz is a pioneering business organization that has been able to make name for themselves in the highly competitive Indian PR agency segment owing to the quality and innovativeness of their services. Over the years, the company has also been able to not just create but also maintain an impressive clientele.

Adding more about the inception story of the company and what motivated him to establish the brand, Rajiv, Owner, Launcherz, says, “Launcherz started its operation as early as in the year 2000. In those days the PR and Media scenario was quite different. Only a handful of people knew about what PR is all about. The number of P R agencies were less than half a dozen. This line of business activities took the "road less travelled" and naturally the initial journey was tough. Our agency took the challenge in all sincerity and won over the trust and credibility of the clients. With the passage of time Launcherz saw exponential growth in business and popularity. Launcherz carried out more than 1000 press conferences and 5000 press releases and some of them in short notices of less than 3 hours.

Rajiv Lodha the owner of Launcherz told us during a chat that it's reputed clients like UNICEF with whom they have worked for more than years were keen that the agency should expand their activities in other platforms and broader based. Rajiv says, “With a high degree confidence that now is the time for Launcherz to spread its presence in a more extensive and intensive manner. The agency has already chalked out a detailed blue print for next
ten years. In the first place, they will no longer be confined to West Bengal only but will take entry into the metros like Mumbai, NCR and Bangalore.
Complacency is the last thing Launcherz would like to indulge in and there is a specific modus operandi and time line for Launcherz to go international as well. Already a number of PR agencies of some developed countries have shown interest to work in collaboration with Launcherz. With the fast global presence of collaborators in India the importance of Indian P R Agencies going global cannot be over emphasized. This endeavour of Launcherz will go a long way in the international business environment for the benefit of India.

Rajiv feels that our country will need more and more P R trained personnel to cater to the exponential growth of Industry and service sectors. Launcherz is already taken over the task of training young minds to help them build a career in this field. This statement of Rajiv was a bit amazing since normally people discourage the growth of competitors. When asked Rajiv replied smilingly, “Competition helps enhance quality and moreover, creation wealth for themselves only is only second priority for Launchers. It is precisely because of this ethical philosophy that Launcherz has won love and respect of its clients and celebrities over the years. Rajiv has also expressed profound gratitude to both print and electronic media for their all-out support and cooperation.

Evolving with the changing market, Launcherz aims to increase their clientele and open new branches and offices in different parts of India. As of now, the company has already decided to open at least 3 more branches, mainly in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. Launcherz are also aiming to expand their agency globally bycollaborating with renowned international PR Agencies to make their presence known in the international market. With all this, the company is aiming to be the epitome of top-notch PR services in not just India but in the international stage as well.

When I was leaving after the most exciting interview Rajiv handed over a piece of paper on which was written the immortal quote of Marcus Aurelius. "The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way." These words have made me what I am and will keep on ringing in my ears all through my life!!! said Rajiv and I also learnt a great lesson which I will treasure for the rest of my life.