Orion Wealth Management: A Boutique Investment Advising Firm Offering Wide Range of Financial Services to Enterprises

CIO Vendor Walth management in India appears to have just recently begun to flourish, as Indians have previously struggled to accumulate wealth. Indeed, for many people, wealth management is still a foreign notion, and they are unwilling to reveal their financial situation. People today want good wealth managers to assist them in the entire process as there are more investment possibilities and information about investing, as well as historical gains.

Established in 2017, Orion Wealth Management is the brainchild of Suchit Arora, who holds a keen interest and experience in financial markets. Elucidating the inception story of Orion Wealth Management, Suchit Arora, Founder and Managing Partner says, “Before launching Orion Wealth, I worked with stockbrokers, investment bankers, and banks.

One thing I noticed in all of these financial intermediaries was that retail investors were making the same mistakes and expecting different results, whilst all of the larger institutions and HNI made the right decision and generated the majority of the wealth. As a result, I continued to see opportunities to assist retail as well as a large number of uninformed HNI in preserving and increasing their wealth.”

Investment and Advisory Boutique
Considering Orion Wealth Management is neither a big bank nor a broking house, getting clients' data and earning their trust was a challenge. Fortunately, Suchit had built up a decent network of investors working in this industry, as well as his ISB alumni, who became a force to help the
company grow into this industry and earn trust. While on the other hand, Suchit's elder brother had quite a global network, hence together they could build something substantial.

As everybody will have their profession and prefers to make money doing what they enjoy, everyone has their asset class in which they prefer to invest wisely. Some individuals prefer to acquire outstanding firms and hold them for a long time, while others want to construct a diversified portfolio across many investment vehicles. For people who would want to create monthly income through options like mutual funds and PMS, Orion Wealth Management has advice for all of their needs.

The balance between Returns and Liquidity are the two most important requirements of Orion Wealth Management's clients, and the business must strike a balance between the two, based on the clients' desire and ability to accept risks.

Returns and liquidity are the two most important requirements of Orion Wealth Management's clients

Orion Wealth Management has technical and fundamental experts on board, and both co-founders are familiar with the benefits and drawbacks of analysis, as well as how inter-market relationships work, and they continue to invest in solid research papers and technical analysis software to make better-informed decisions.

Currently, the organization is concentrating on growing its overall asset under management, but they intend to launch their own fund at some point in the future. “We recognize that our clients require good short- and long-term returns while also wanting to dabble in the financial markets, so we help them make the best option possible depending on their current status and future plans. That wealth management is still a notion that many people are unfamiliar with, and as a result, they make rash decisions, but working with a skilled wealth management firm can help them avoid financial disasters and generate or manage money in a methodical and structured manner”, concludes Suchit.