Banconus: The preferred name to partner with, in the lifelong journey of Being Financially Fit

CIO Vendor Undoubtedly several wealth management leaders or firm's discussions and decisions in 2021 will be centered around the immediate business impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. Pandemic or not, financial discipline and management are core to grow your wealth. Banconus is a boutique financial firm which works hard in helping their clients realise their goals by making their hard earned money work for them.

It was established in 2010 by Rajee Rajesh who is an enterprising financial entrepreneur and an All-India CA topper. With 15 years of rich experience in investment planning, retirement solutions and taxation, Rajee is today recognized as one of the respected financial consultants in India.

Banconus has moved from one milestone to another focusing on excellence, expertise and ethics, under the able leadership of Rajee Rajesh and her partner Ramkey - a CA and MBA from Ross Business School and London Business School. The client's requirements and interests are given most preference, the main ideology of banconus. The inception ideology of Banconus was to build and position the company as a service provider who brings the best of sophistication, processes, excellence in service, expertise in research and ethics in relationships and also simultaneously to offer customization and close engagement in understanding client needs.

The current market landscape of Wealth Management Consultancy services in India is evolving to the next level as the concept of Robo advisory picking up. The bigger banks and large firms are focusing only on HNIs and corporates and getting more wallet share. The gaps in this scenario are the absence of human connections and counselling, no penetration of financial planning and money management services to retail space, focus on products pushing and recommendations – no needs-based solutions. These are the gaps that Banconus seeks to fill by offering both the human touch and also a realtime technology platform.

"Over the last five years, we have seen fast growth, no geographical barriers, brand building, collaboration, consistent communications through social media. Today we are one of the fastest growing and sought after names in this space in India Starting your Business is like planting a sapling. First, you have to invest your time and money. Then, you must take care of it while expecting nothing in return. But when your start up blossoms, it makes all the patience and hard work worthwhile”.

It all started with a dream in 2006 when Rajee wanted to work with people in achieving their financial goals and the clients who joined then are with the firm even today. The company was incorporated in 2010, furthering the trust reposed by clients. What started as a small practice in a Tier II town, started growing and clients across geographies were onboarded. With Ramkey joining the firm in 2015, the AUM grew from Rs.50 crores to Rs.200 crores in 6 years. Banconus was awarded the Fastest Growing Financial Advisory firm in South India at the prestigious Wealth Forum Annual Awards during 2018-19.
There are multiple requirements that the clients come up with such as investment solutions, retirement planning, goal planning, taxation planning. The measures taken by Banconus to understand the need of the clients are robust processes for data collection, risk profiling, reporting, review mechanism. Banconus offers several services and the unique features that give them an edge over the competitors in the industry includeserving as the one-stop-shop for all money management needs, in-house expertise on investment products and taxation, and insurance and Estate Planning through collaborations with the best in the industry.

"We are humbled to have become the preferred name for several leading entrepreneurs, professionals, doctors, NRIs and HNIs. Our clients include people in their 20s to octogenarians, and also our clients live in small towns to large megapolis both inside India and across the world".

Driving financial literacy is a cause Rajee is most passionate about. To her, if one needs to master money, then, it all begins with their relationship with money. On that note, Rajee embarked on a mission to help educate not just her clients, but even others who do not seek her expertise. Thus was born “Money Matters”, a financial education program, emerging from years of experience in helping people manage their money & investments better. She has been successfully running Shakthi – The Sunday School for the last one year, which is an online forum that provides financial education and awareness exclusively to women.

Our goal is to be the TRUSTED advisor of our clients for LIFE. We become our clients’ coach, friend, remaining detached - when fear or greed takes hold, while becoming attached - when life challenges them

The key to success is often the ability to adapt to change. In the last year filled with uncertainty, Banconus proactively reached out to clients and helped them navigate the year without losing sight of their goals and realigned their investments to the changing dynamics. They also used this year to enhance the digital experience of their clients. They strengthened operations and improved service processes by making a complete transition to online systems and by switching to robustcloud-based portal with improved security features and provided customers dynamic and real-time access to their portfolios. They got active on social media and created valuable content on several best practices in personal finance.