Sri Chakra Consultants: Assists Businesses to Implement Strategic Financial Plansto AttainAimed Goals

CIO Vendor The two factors on which financial advisory service is reliant today are trust and technology. While trust is an old factor, technology is the new facet that needs attention and implementation. It is thus important to make the customers not only trust a financial consultancy but trust the technology it deploys. That is the key to obtain success today. Empowered with immense experience in the financial industry for more than a quarter-century, Sundararajan Srinivasan and J Krishnakumar felt that players in the market are more inclined in selling products than to give solutions to their clients.

No scientific approach is involved while providing the solutions instead players are keener to make increase revenues by selling their products. Therefore, the urge to provide the right, balanced and scientific solutions keeping business goals in mind enabled them to start Sri Chakra Consultants. “We don’t sell but we help clients to plan, implement and reach their financial goals,” says Sundararajan Srinivasan. Srinivasan is a Cost Accountant and a Certified Financial Analyst with 25 years of experience while Krishnakumar is an Engineering graduate with a post-graduate specialization in management with more than 20 years of experience.

Services offered and other aspects:
Established in the year 2018, the consultancy is headquartered in Chennai. It fulfills a wide range of clients’ requests starting from attaining their short-term to long-term goals. From buying the latest gadgets to managing its huge portfolio it implements varied processes to meet all its clients’ requirements. These include understanding the clients’ financial goals,
classifying the goals based on timelines, learning about their income and expenses along with the disposable surplus, and identifying the risk profile by using scientific tools. It also first understands the current investments of a business, prepares a financial plan based on the right asset allocation, and then starts the implementation of the plan. Once the plan is executed, the consultancy conducts a half-yearly review of the portfolio and repeats the same at the end of every financial year.

However, according to J Krishnakumar, there is a major gap in meeting the expectations of the rewired or a more aware client. “When we started convincing the client to get wholesome
financial planning done, it turned out to be a big challenge. Many of them were hesitant to share their financial data on income, expenses, and current investments. But gradually we started acquiring clients and the number in-creased through word of mouth and references,” Krishnakumar explains.

From buying the latest gadgets to managing its huge portfolio it implements varied processes to meet all its clients’ requirements

With a robust backend system, Sri Chakra’s clients can log in and under-stand their portfolio performance. All their service requirements can be done online and diverse services are offered. These include goal-based investment management, mutual fund, and equity investment, risk management, health insurance, deposits, and other investments, retirement planning, bullion investment, loans and credits, real estate advisory, and estate management services. “Our evolution has been phenomenal. From Zero to 73crs of AUM in 3 years has been a great success. Our analytics-based advice and post-sales service have helped us to reach this level of performance. We treat all of the stakeholders with integrity, honesty, and compassion,” adds Srinivasan.

By constantly implementing the latest technologies with the help of its IT partners, Sri Chakra offers a seamless and comfortable experience to its clients. Aiming to be a 200 Cr company by 2023, both the founders want to be their clients’ most asset as the wealth management company that provides the relevant solutions with the goal of its clients’ well-being.