Giipl: For The Betterment Of The Less Privileged Through Solar Energy

CIO Vendor Before forming Green India Initiative (GIIPL), its founding member Sachin Shigwan was a part of multiple social organizations which were contributing to the development of the community. The lack of proper infrastructure and the absence of even the most basic amenities in most of the rural Indian houses ignited the spark within him to establish GIIPL with a motive to bring in a positive change in the society through solar energy. Owing to his contribution to the solar industry, Sachin was titled The Solar Man in India.

He has also been awarded on numerous occasions including being the recipient of Karmaveer Puraskar in 2010 by Icongo, Shirin Gadhia Sustainability award 2014, and Global Solar Energy Leadership Award in 2015. During his endeavour to incept GIIPL, Sachin was joined by Abhishek Dave and Alpesh Gurav who trusted his vision of developing rural villages and supported him with ideas and efforts for the formation of a social enterprise which will benefit below poverty line people towards a pathway of growth and success.

GIIPL since its inception in 2014 is ever growing in the social development sector. Developing 185+ villages & schools in India, GIIPL has partnered with more than 50 organizations including top-notch corporate, NGO’s and Government Bodies implementing their CSR and social welfare programs. As of now, GIIPL has developed into a standard-bearer in the Indian solar industry and has won numerous awards over the course of their operations. Some of those recognitions include being awarded as Maharashtra’s Favorite Brand – Social Enterprise 2019 and Think CSR – Best Social Enterprise 2020 award.

Adding more about the evolution of the company, Sachin says, “We wanted to offer something unique in the industry and after a lot of back and forth, GIIPL came into existence as a social enterprise developing remote rural villages and schools in India, sufficing their energy needs and empowering
communities by a modern & sustainable lifestyle. Suyog Gangavane joined the organization in the initial period as a strong contributor and now serves as the CEO of Green India Initiative. Rushabh Vasa supported the vision of the organization and is serving as our Director now”.

When asked about the major services offered by the company, Suyog adds, “We are Experts in Ideation, Concept generation, Value added benefits; Engineering, Procurement and Commissioning of Solar Energy projects in remote rural spaces. Social engineering, suggesting the technology based on the wind speed, roof conditions, terrain, demographics such expertise has been generated in the team by practical experience.

GIIPL has partnered with more than 50 organizations including top-notch corporate, NGO’s and Government Bodies implementing their CSR and social welfare programs

Solar Street Lights installation, Solar PV Off-grid systems, Solar Cooker for mid-day meals, Solar enabled E-learning kits, electrification of anganwadis and rural schools, Water pump & dual pump system to suffice villager's water needs are some of the services/projects that GIIPL has implemented in the rural villages of India. GIIPL also has unique expertise in stake-holder management, timeline bound project completion, reporting & documentation, Public relations and training of village authorities in order to generate ownership and sustainable behaviour amongst people”.

The factors comprising company core values like synergy, satisfaction, adaptation, contribution, growth and innovation have evolved GIIPL to a much higher level in the market. While talking about the future goals and aspirations of GIIPL, Rushabh states, “Our Mission is to develop 1000+ villages & schools by 2024. Looking forward to different villages catering different needs, GIIPL hopes to solve their energy requirement through Solar Energy solutions.

Partnering with increasing number of likeminded organizations inclining towards solar energy benefits and impacts for replicating GIIPL’s solutions in mass number of villages in the coming future. Through constant innovation, we are also aiming to benefit more villages with lesser capacity of energy storage systems creating an affordable yet impactful medium for energy access”.