Stellar Solar Solutions: A Turn-key Solution Provider Pushing the Boundaries of Conventional Solar Energy Consultancy

CIO Vendor The solar energy solutions industry has been a booming market segment in India and with the right backing from the government, businesses operating in the solar energy solutions segment have been able to scale unprecedented heights in the stratum. One pioneering brand name in the solar energy solutions industry is Stellar Solar Solutions. With their unwavering commitment towards sustainability, Stellar Solar Solutions has been able to not just build a positive reputation in the industry but also create a niche in the market.

Talking more about the inception story of Stellar Solar Solutions and how they have evolved over the years in the industry, Sarth Manrao who is the founder member of the company adds, “Me and my brother were planning to work for the betterment of the environment and we both are coming from an engineering background. So, we discussed about solarizing our own neighborhood to reduce the carbon footprint and through solar solutions, we wanted to reduce the use of coal. We started from humble beginnings and we decided to make our solutions more affordable and accessible for the general public so that we can create a solid platform which we can use to leverage our growth.

When we started, we could also see the potential of the industry and that has also been a motivation for us to enter this stratum. We started from the ground level to generate awareness about the importance and advantages of solar energy solutions to the general public. With the help of our top-notch marketing team, we were able to get a head start in the industry and our commitment to never compromise on the quality of our offerings has helped us to evolve into a recognized name in the industry”.
Stellar Solar Solutions is a result of the vision and commitment of its team and the company strives to offer turn-key solutions using state-of-the-art solar photovoltaic technology to their clients. To cater to all the various requirements of their clients, the company has created a diversified service portfolio that includes engineering, procurement, erection, construction and consultancy services when it comes to solar power. Backed by the support of their team which consists of seasoned veterans in the industry, Stellar Solar Solutions has also been able to offer customized solar solutions to their clients.

With their unwavering commitment towards sustainability, Stellar Solar Solutions have been able to not just build a positive reputation in the industry but also create a niche in the market

This combined with their ability to incorporate the latest technologies and come up with in-house developed innovative solutions has helped the company to give life to their client’s imaginations. Clocking in impressive growth numbers, Stellar Solar Solutions has come a long way since their humble beginnings and as of now, they have created an impressive clientele that includes individuals from different walks of life as well as companies from different industry verticals.

Adding more about the future plans of the company, Parth Manrao who is also the founder member of Stellar Solar Solutions says, “Primarily, we are working in Punjab and Haryana and we are aiming to expand our presence to other regions as well. We firmly believe in moving with the technology and we have also built our own prototypes as well. Our team has also been constantly working to improve the quality and efficiency of our operations. Through market surveys, we understand the trends in the market and we modify our solutions according to the market demands. Going forward, we are planning to look at our business growing and booming in multitudnious ways in the coming years”.