Ainesh Renewable Technologies: One-Stop-Shop for Anybody and Everybody Looking for Solar as a Possible Avenue of Investment

CIO Vendor As world is witnessing an inclination towards investing and developing the Solar PV Power Plant, there has always been the absolute lacunae of apt expertise within the industry to provide the solution with utmostutilization of available resources professionally. Spearheading the current renewable industry with future-oriented contemporary services and solutions, Ainesh Renewable Technologies is dedicated to help the world build solar power projects that maximize investor profits.

Contributing its part in the world’s 5th biggest economy as a phenomenal brand across the renewable energy sector, Ainesh Renewable Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has taken the challenge to make available the Market for Global Investors & Developers in the Renewable Sector as well as Solar Industry by providing low-cost Solar PV Power Plant Solution with available advanced design & engineering solution.

Thriving with a mission to seek out competitive advantages for our clients through innovative use of technology and to help them achieve long-term success and prosperity, Ainesh provides uncompromising customer services and satisfaction regardless of the type of product or service offered. Boasting an elite client and customer base with an efficient and robust engineering solution that controls losses, improve efficacy and maximizes generation, Ainesh Renewable Technologies is a team of young thinkers, engineers and leaders who are seamlessly engaged to introduce innovative concepts across the renewable energy sector.

Ainesh Renewable Offer Variety of services including Solar PV Power Plant Consultancy, Owner’s Design & Engineering, Operations & Maintenance, and Solar Advisory for IPP/Developers Engineering, Lenders Engineering, Design, Engineering & Review, Project Management, Strategic & Policy Advisory, EPC and more. In addition to the service packages described above, Ainesh Renewable also performs separate work on the full technical
inspection of any type of solar power station, performs thermal imaging examinations, organizes the washing of the surface of solar panels, and carries out repairs of supporting metal structures (both with a fixed angle and trackers).

“We are involved in Research & Development to explore the new and advance technology for Solar based products & service. Our service team conducts extraordinary visits if it is necessary to quickly eliminate the consequences of accidents or identify critical defects in the operation of any equipment of the solar power station. Being a new tech-enabled Renewable Energy Asset Management Solution provider; we offer turnkey asset management solutions that help the Renewable Energy asset owners maximize returns,” says Sandeep Dalal, CEO and Founder, Ainesh Renewable Technologies.

Acting as a virtual buffer for any volatility while remaining a vital ingredient that saves time, money and energy for a project, Ainesh Renewable is the one-stop-shop for anybody and everybody who wants to take up solar as a possible avenue of investment. Serving the Solar Industry (Solar PV Power Plant-Rooftop and Utility-Scale Ground Mounted Projects) from concept to commissioning, Ainesh adheres to Standard Operational Procedures for all of its procedures.

Coupled with the most innovative technologies, skills & capabilities essential to provide advanced solutions, the team of Ainesh Renewable has been exposed to International Solar Projects design & developments. Not limited to feasibility studies, design & detailed engineering, construction management, O&M consulting, performance assessment and technical due diligence services, Ainesh is also focused on providing 360° services from concept to commissioning support for developers, investors & lenders and EPC contractors.

Apart from India-based IPP/Developers Ainesh Renewable is already in discussion with some of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka-based Clients as well, having a pipeline of 300 MW+. “Involved in the Research & Development of New & Innovative Solar based Design & Engineering Products & Services, we are in process of developing a Mobile App for O&M Service to Solar Rooftop Owners. The said Mobile APP – ‘Handy Manny’ will make available service providers and service users on a platform and service users can get services easily at their doorstep at nominal charges from qualified service providers from their locality. In this Pandemic time, we are working to develop (presently under research & development process) the Standalone Solar based Product name Solar Nano-grid Medical Dispensary, which can be installed to interior/rural part of State & Districts of India,” concludes Sandeep Dalal.