Cornucopia: Providing People-Centric Business Solutions to Enable Organisational Growth

CIO Vendor Consultation services are playing a bigger and significant role in the present day business world. It covers all aspects of advising, counseling and purposeful management and has far reaching effects in enhancing organizational capability.Among the many consulting services, the human resource consulting industry has grown manifold during the period of economic upturn in Indian domestic as well as foreign market. This emergence of HR consulting has swayed many able entrepreneurs into the arena of human resource development over time. One such name is N. Ahmedali, who established Cornucopia, a customized 'HR' & OD services provider in the year 2004.

Cornucopia renders operational and strategic HR consulting services to its clients including HR management solutions, organizational development, organizational climate and cultural integration. The cornerstone of the company was laid by Ahmedali and his team by focusing on bringing in compelling HR leadership, cultural clarification and vision and value integration to promote effective HRM practices.

In the field of HR management, Ahmedali explains, Consultation involves the process of analysis, strategic planning, research and development along with proper implementation of the workflow. As a leading consultancy, Cornucopia excels in delivering HR operational services that include setting up of performance management programs and organizational and leadership management tools such as 360 Degree Feedback, Assessment Centres, MLQ, etc.
Ahmedali also illustrated that being an outsourced HR department, the organization inclines more towards vision and value clarification, cultural integration, productivity improvement and leadership development. The team of Cornucopia is appreciably balanced with senior consultants as well as young MBAs. This unique combination of experience and youth helps strengthen the company’s innovative thinking in developing simple yet practical solutions.
Usage of Feedback Tools for Better Performances
With a determination to provide best in class HR services, the company focuses on its 360 Degree Feedback tool which is one of the first few processes offered online across the country. The feedback actually guides the assessees to compare their own perceptions with the assessors’ which helps them to identify and leverage their strengths and improve their areas of development. The company also offersemployee engagement surveys, an efficient and practical tool that organizations can use to maximize the performance and satifaction of their employees. In addition to these innovative tools, Cornucopia works on the talent development function by offering leadership workshops, executive coaching, soft skills training and diversity management.

Cornucopia has demonstrated its expertise in people centric business playing a crucial role in the human resource development of many organizations

The company has demonstrated its expertise in people centric business playing a crucial role in the human resource development of many organizations. It has supported some major industry players from large, small and medium sized businesses such as Sanofi, ATEC International, Micro Labs, Dialog, Lupin, 3M Medreich, Metlife India, ZYG PharmaPvt.Ltd. and McDonalds etc. The company is a member of Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), National HRD Network (NHRD), National Institute of Personnel Management (NIPM), Bangalore Chamber of Industry & Commerce (BCIC) and Bangalore Management Association (BMA)
Cornucopia has displayed immense expertise in the art of identifying and diagnosing the key factors impacting its clients’ businesses and then designing customised plans to attain breakthrough and time-bound solutions. Ahmedali signs off by saying, “Effective human capital management sets an organization apart from another and we strive to bring that difference for our clients by continuously offering high quality services.”