Future Generation Makers (FGM): Empowering Organizations and Institutions with Comprehensive HR Solutions

CIO Vendor The onset of 2015 saw a young and versatile entrepreneur, Santosh Kumar Acharya, founding his company Future Generation Makers (FGM) that had been in the making for long. His vast experience in shaping institutions and delivering selfless services helped him initiate FGM, an HR consultancy firm based out of Karimnagar, Telangana from the ground up. Santosh, Founder & CEO of FGM, has diversified experience as an educationist, writer, painter, naturalist, biologist, mentalist, spiritual guru and as a healer. During his tenure in several International schools, Colleges and Research Labs, he has served as a Principal and Academic Director, helping them attain the highest level of excellence in their respective fields. Apart from this, his contribution in developing curriculums and content writing has helped educational institutions immensely. It is only because of his long commitment in this field that has fetched him prestigious awards like ‘Acharya Devo Bhava’ and ‘Kalamitra’ over the course of his service.
Speaking about the gap in the industry, Santosh says, “The present generation is confused; they do not have clarity about their present and future. Although aspirants are putting in their best, yet 80% of them are unemployed due to the lack of required skills.” Understanding this fact, Santosh built FGM to provide the necessary support and training in the areas of academics, employment, entrepreneurship, relationships, and finance. With the company’s vibrant team of 20 counselors and trainers, FGM shapes individuals in their areas of interest. Through its trainings, the company helps individuals accelerate in their chosen carrier. “Our mission is to prepare the future generation with all sorts of required skills so that they can be readily employable,” adds Santosh.
FGM’s array of services includes Psychological counseling, Art of Parenting, Guidance & Support to educational institutions as well as companies, Nature support by creating awareness among people, Physical & Emotional skill Development programs such as Yoga, Meditation and Aerobics, Building construction solutions, and Vaastu Support. Additionally, FGM provides Teacher trainings, Entrepreneurship skills, and placements services. It also conducts regular skill development programs and communication skills trainings for the unemployed youth. Indeed, few of its trainees have chosen to start franchise of the FGM brand and have been quite successful at it. Besides that, the Company also conducts competitions for finding out the talent and facilitates awards for the best students, teachers and institutions.

Through its trainings, FGM helps individuals accelerate in their chosen carrier

With its altruistic services, FGM aims to solve financial, educational and psychological issues faced by individuals as well as small scale business establishments. FGM’s approach is quite different from other HR firms. It works with its clients very closely and provides competitively priced services. Serving in almost all the verticals, FGM has worked with some of the top most schools and colleges in the Karimnagar district. It has a long serving relation with The Royal Enfield Company as well.
As a service towards the society, FGM helps several charitable organizations with generous donations. It has grown 10 times in terms of clients and employee size within a year of its operation. The company counts this growth as a big success and a motivating factor. Moving ahead, FGM foresees a growth of 20 % year-over-year, and plans to open branches in most of the states in India. The company also plans to set up branches abroad. With a self-motivated entrepreneur like Santosh at its helms, FGM is well positioned to make a distinct mark in the HR consultancy industry.