Centre for Excellence in Organization (CEO): Amalgamating Modern Organizational development Tools with Core Technical Expertise

CIO Vendor To establish an organization on the sheer strength of a framework can bring great opportunities and along with it, good amount of challenges. However, when S Deenadayalan, an HR industry veteran attempted to reshape businesses through high performance work systems, it had to be a strong concept inculcating newer skills in the management of human resource. Deenadayalan, a Maverick is considered as one of the industries’ most sought-after HR- guruswhose extensive knowledge has contributed immeasurably in the HR domain. In a leadership position at Titan Watches, he was the first who deployed the idea of assembling watches with the services of blind people. He also pioneered the idea of employing deaf people in noisy industrial shopfloors , rather than “burdening” a person with sound hearing with earplugs are samples of his unconventional practices.
Deenadayalan founded Centre for Excellence in Organization Pvt. Ltd(CEO) back in the year 1999. It was while leading numerous global companies that he spotted the potential of high performance work systems. Immediately, he persevered to open up this concept for Indian companies, and specifically in an era where India had hardly seen any solid presence of human resource practices. As an end to end HR consulting firm, the company has pioneered High Performance Work System interventions in India.
High performance work systems are sought to optimize business processes of organizations. K Mahendran, Director & Head Consultant, CEO says, “ At the heart of it, this system believes in empowerment and tapping into the vast reserves of human potential in every individual.
Many industries in India were not willing to even look at this kind of radically different concept.
So we had to work with them for a very long period. We had to build an understanding, and a repertoire to implement these concepts successfully.” In 2000, the company acquired its first client, E.I.D. Parry of Murugappa Group, and since then it has grown leaps and bounds. Developing their own talent, the company has already implemented a string of high performance work system projects for more than 30 organizations.
CEO team’s deep industry expertise has helped them a great deal in facilitating greenfield projects. The main objective has always been to understand the technology and business challenges to make sure that they bring together best human practices in managing industry relations. Breaking down the socioeconomic factors, the company hand held clients until they were in a viable position to commence their business and achieve sustainable business growth. Also, the track record of the company has been flawless with no instances of bad industrial relations issues such as union issues, strikes in the organizations that they have supported through greenfield facilities.
Starting out as a provider of high performance work systems, the company has steadily extended its services across diverse industry verticals. The team has also added services such as competency management, balance scorecard implementation, customer satisfaction survey, employee satisfaction survey, feedback management, statutory compliance management, recruitment etc. to its forte. Another unique vertical launched by the company is CEO Skill Foundation. It was started in March 2013, to establish skill training at the forefront of human resource development. Mahendran says, “We convince our clients not to buy skills but to build and hone skills. Many would accept that today in India, skill is the rarest commodity .” The company’s constant endeavour for excellence and improved standards has made them collaborate with leading training organizations such as TISS – SVE, a TATA Group and AAMC Training Group, Australia. Hope these stellar efforts aid in expanding the CEO Tree further and spread their roots far and wide.