Wolfzhowl: A Consumer Behavior Change Lab Crafting Efficacious Brand Solutions

CIO Vendor Traditional advertising agencies and digital agencies have been serving brands across industries since decades. What they offer as solutions to clients is majorly ‘advertising solutions’ and not ‘brand solutions.’ A brand problem cannot be just solved by posting a digital post, filming a TVC or enhancing the SEO results. This is where brand strategy consultancy services come in. A brand problem, however small, needs a magnified look at consumer’s lives and what impacts it. Wolfzhowl, a problem solving company started by Kalyan Ram Challapalli in 2012, it believes that consumer behaviour change is the key instrument to achieve the brand image. By studying the culture and with that study we can understand how consumers are changing, how it will impact brands.

They wanted to help marketers who, at times, isolate departments solely based on the platforms they use (digital, ATL and so on). Wolfzhowl crafts media-agnostic strategies that use different platforms for problem-solving. “We have worked hard at eliminating silos in marketing and this reflects in our team constitution as we have pure culture-led strategists, digital growth hacker, data analyst, market researcher, a company secretary and an engineer.

Bringing together teams from different backgrounds helps us in assembling different world-views as well as in solving problems for the client more effectively. Another huge area of focus was ‘problem-casteism’, in which the clientsdo not always get to see the same kind of responses from agencies irrespective of the type of problem. We at Wolfzhowl, owing to my exposure on the client-side too, understood that every problem is exciting and
interesting to solve and how every one of these problems is equally important for the clients to solve,” says Kalyan Ram Challapalli, Founder, Wolfzhowl.

Using a bespoke approach, WolfzHowl implements successful marketing strategy based on 3 pillars – in-depth understanding of category, understanding the consumer by identifying the deep-seated cultural barriers to the category and brand, and understanding how the client’s eco-system works. They believe that understanding of the client’s culture, intention and ability are equally important in order to arrive at appropriate strategies. Forging for the sectors needed most with passion and perfection. Catering the needs of the industries Wolfzhowl is brand with a market in different regions India, Middle East, Africa and ASEAN for both MNCs and Family business companies.

Wolfzhowl is one of the few consultancies in the business that have crafted brand purpose for over 15 brands across industries for both MNCs as well as traditional, family-led brands

While being focused on consumer and culture, Wolfzhowl is also making its foray into data science and using this data to decode culture and quantify something as qualitative asculture.“Being a ‘business profitability for the client first’ and ‘jargon-less’ brand consultancy; we want to enrich ourselves further on core skills such as semiotics, culture understanding, consumer behaviour decoding, along with sociology and ethnographic ways of understanding behaviour.

One of our recently focused initiatives is bringing together digital data and cultural data together in a way that helps us mine insights beyond the obvious parity ones that exist in the market. For this, we are working with our partners to create tools that can bring digital and non-digital data onto one dashboard in a way that makes sense to strategists and marketers. We are teaching a Module on the same at MICA as well, as we think the meeting of data and culture is essential for the future of our field,” concludes Prerna Dubey Gupta, Sr. Integrated Strategist.