Pathfynder: A Unique Consultant Helping Businesses through One-Off Branding Strategies

CIO Vendor The major gap in the current market landscape of branding consultancy services in India is the mob mentality. Instead of understanding and creating a niche in the industry, brands refer to their competitors and try to imitate, irrespective of the fact whether that strategy is valid for them or not. Acknowledging this gap in the market, Pathfynder Solutions was incepted a decade ago to offer class-leading branding services to their clients. Based out in Jaipur, Pathfynder with its unique approach and wide range of services has carved a niche in the Indian branding consultancy market.

When asked about the services offered by the company and its uniqueness, Gaurav Hajela, the Founder and Managing Partner, Pathfynder says, “We are generally approached by three types of clients. First, those who want to launch their brand. Second, those who want to re-launch their existing brand, and third, who have been using traditional marketing ways and now want to start with fresh branding exercises from the scratch. At Pathfynder, we provide 360-degree branding solutions.

We first understand the clients’ product/service profile, their requirements, the target market segment and also do competitive analysis. Only after studying the brand and its requirement, we provide branding solutions to them and we also make sure that the client is put in confidence during the entire discussion process. Our research methodology when combined with our originality, dynamism, and 24/7 support help us in gaining a competitive edge in the market.

When asked about what makes Pathfynder different from others, the Co-
founder AnishaHajela says- “We care for our customers and their brands just like our own babies. This is the soul of Pathfynder and hence this personal rapport with a client does play a major role in the long-lasting relationship with our clients. When it comes to branding, we believe that emotions, humbleness and compassion play an important role to create a chord with the audience”.

Adding more about the evolution of Pathfynder and their plans, Gaurav says, “Over the years, we have gained expertise in the heritage of Rajasthan. Travelling over thou-sands of kilometres by road, we experienced, researched, captured and tried to put into words the true essence of this state. It was indeed an honour to have launched two editions of the coffee table book ‘Soul of Rajasthan’ reflecting the true spirit of Rajasthan. The book by Pathfynder went on to become a best seller on Amazon and Flipkart.

Today, we are privileged to be treated as specialists in various fields- be it books, websites, film, photo shoots pertaining to Rajasthan. It is also an overwhelming feeling to see our expertise being used in showcasing the scale and legacy of this beautiful state.

We live by the words ‘patience, preservation, and persistence’. These magic words keep us alive in front of our competitors. We have been able to establish ourselves as a dynamic and innovative agency. And we are glad to state that majority of our clients have continued to bestow their trust on us over these years.

Also, the major factor that has contributed to the success of Pathfynderis ‘creating many first’ in the Social Media & Digital word. We have many firsts- pioneer of social media marketing in Rajasthan (in 2010), conceptual photo shoots (in 2011), social media live coverages (2012), 4K brand videos (2017), and multiple National level Virtual Awards functions (in 2020), and whatnot. This makes us original and dynamic to the current world scenario. Going forward, the roadmap of Pathfynder is to continue growing beyond Rajasthan-says Gaurav Hajela.

When asked about expanding and spreading their wings, the duo Gaurav and Anisha together dream to be known as a national player rather than a regional player. Looking at the encouraging response and current client base, in the years to come, they are looking forward to having clients as well as employees all over the country.