Fresh Mind Ideas: A 360-degree Creative Branding Agency Promising Quality Services to Start-ups and SMEs

CIO Vendor The branding consultancy market in India is still developing; it is a crowded space, but is also one with a lot of possibilities. New businesses turn up on a regular basis, and the good news is that they all want to make a name for themselves. Young entrepreneurs know what they want, which helps consultants use their best skills to build better solutions and fulfill client needs.

Established as a private limited company in 2018, Fresh Mind Ideasis a 360-degree creative branding agency and web design studio based in India that serves clients all over the world. Ajay S Nair, Founder & CEO of Fresh Mind Ideas says, “As a high school student, I had a strong desire to design and I learnt a variety of skills simply by watching YouTube videos and tutorials from the web. It was the era of dial-up internet, which was sluggish and inconvenient, but it didn't stop me. I registered the domain name shortly after graduation in order to seem more serious and professional. It was difficult to persuade clients to trust a mere college freshman!”

Clients approach Fresh Mind Ideas with a wide range of requirements, including strategic branding, digital marketing, web design, and UI/UX design. From the brand name, logo, and visual identity creation to digital and social media marketing, website design and production of creative and animated videos, as well as commercial shoots and ad films, the company handles it all. The work process of Fresh Mind Ideas is divided into five stages—Discover, Define, Design, Deliver, and Data. This puts the
organization right into the middle of the action, helping them understand the client’s business, their needs, and what strategies would essentially work for them.

Clutch and The Manifest entitled Fresh Mind Ideas as one of the top branding agencies in Bangalore and India for providing top-of-the-line branding and digital marketing solutions that assist businesses that are starting up or need a refresher course of development. Whether in a small, medium, or large enterprise, the company's processes aspire to become one with the client's team.

Clutch and The Manifest entitled Fresh Mind Ideas as one of the top branding agencies in Bangalore and India for providing top-of-the-line branding and digital marketing solutions

Since its inception, Fresh Mind Ideas has worked with several startups, scale-ups and Govt. Organizations across India and Abroad. Also, the company was fortunate to serve 5+ Departments of Govt. of Kerala and with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), which later on got featured on their official Twitter handle. In 2020, Fresh Mind Ideas also offered their services to Swiggy. Ajay adds, “At Fresh Mind Ideas, our focus is on three essential areas—Strategy, Marketing and Technology. We have core teams for each of these areas, which are led by experienced professionals, who are skilled at taking up complex tasks and building innovative solutions on top of them. Each of these leads knows what their clients expect from them right at the inception of projects and this clarity of thought, combined with industry expertise keeps us ahead.”

Fresh Mind Ideas will continue to reinvent themselves in the coming years so that tvvheir clients can adjust to the new norm. The company's goal is to develop strategies that will not only be applicable in these troubling times, but will also assist clients in standing strong and being as future-ready as possible. Moreover, the company aims to remain focused on technical advances and to have a keen eye for technology because they believe that it can solve almost every issue that occurs.