Neelithal: Addressing the Existing Gap by Leveraging the Know-Hows of Advanced Technologies

CIO Vendor One of the ancient practices since the pre-civilization era, agriculture has always been prone to numerous research and experiments to enhance yields. Rather than traditional ways of farming, new age farmers are interested to invest in novel agricultural methodologies owing to the on-growing demands for organic and non-toxic food materials. The approach to Farming, in general has to change considering water conservation, less laborious and truly Organic, for which the current generation needs to adopt new and upcoming technologies like Aquaponics.

With more than 6 years of research and development in India to make Aquaponics easier to understand and adopt, Neelithal is a prominent Professional Consultancy implementing the right expertise and innovative technologies. Witnessing a lack of professional consultancy and after-sales support in the agricultural domain, Neelithal was established in 2014 by Nisar Mohamed & Dhinesh Anand to address the existing gap by leveraging the know-how of advanced technologies.

Aquaponics is generally western developed technology, where the water quality and water parameters are completely different from water parameters in India. Adopting the technology to the Indian environment was one of the major challenges faced by Neelithal during its initial days along with various other challenges such as coordinating with vendors and procuring the right materials to bring completeness to the system. “I got to know about Aquaponics while working in the US. I visited and volunteered in an Aquaponics Farm and started a small system in my backyard system. After tasting the vegetables and fish harvested by me through the Aquaponics system, I realized the difference of taste and quality the produce has, compared to store-bought vegetables.

This is the turning point in my life, and after a discussion with my friend (co-founder) Dhinesh Anand, we decided to start a Farm in India. Firm about not exporting our products, we decided to provide Quality Produce to the Local Community in India and to encourage more people to involve in Aquaponics Farming from rooftop gardens to commercial scale. We have put lot of Research and Development focusing this in the last 6 Years,” states Nisar Mohamed, Co-Founder, Neelithal.
After getting inquiries from customers concerning the various levels of Aquaponics training, Aquaponics Home Garden system, semi-commercial model to commercial projects, Neelithal has come up with solutions and design based on every customer requirement which includes services such as Aquaponics Training, Aquaponics Home Garden System and Backyard systems, Aquaponics Design Consulting and Installation for Semi Commercial and commercial Farms, Design Consulting for RAS Systems and more. “Starting our research Facility in 2014, we expanded to commercial-scale farming in 2016 and commenced Aquaponics Training and consulting in 2019.

Aquaponic is a natural ecosystem and every system will be unique based on climatic conditions, Water Parameters and many more. We design every system considering local information and environmental condition. We are Pioneer in Airlift Technology in India, which conserves electricity cost by 50-60%. We have initiated ZERO Discharge Aquaponics and RAS Systems, which enhances the water conservation up to 99.9%,” quotes Dhinesh Anand, Co-Founder, Neelithal.

Dhinesh Anand, Co-Founder

With a vision to establish decentralized Farming - Local Produce and Local Supply, Neelithal encourages various small-scale farmers and individuals to get into farming rather than work with Big Corporates. Concerned about power/electricity conservation while adopting new technologies, Neelithal does continuous research and development in each vertical of Aquaponics while continuing to learn and improvise the technologies.

“Owing to 6+ years of experience in Aquaponics across India on a large commercial scale, our clients are new enthusiastic entrepreneurs across Tamil Nadu who wanted to pursue their carrier in Agriculture and Fish Farming. In the future, our focus will be on bringing more Aquaponic Entrepreneurs and establish decentralized Farming across India. With our Plan to expand our installation bases beyond Tamil Nadu, we will focus on creating more success stories in Farming, rather than just on our Success Story,” concludes Nisar Mohamed.