Nimble Growth Organics: A Group Of Industry Stalwarts Striving To Take Indian Organic Food Industry To Greater Heights

CIO Vendor The Indian organic food market is a highly unorganised market segment and it was valued at $0.85 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow more than 20.5% CAGR annually to touch $2.6 billion by 2026. In India, the organic consumption is not even 0.1% of India’s $300 billion annual food consumption. With that said, the increased health consciousness, per capita income and organized marketplaces are set to drive the growth of the industry.

One company that was incepted by like-minded entrepreneurs with the sole intention to do something for our farmers and the Indian consumers is Nimble Growth Organics. Leaving their high paying cushiony jobs, the founders of the company planned to get into Organic farming free from chemicals and serving the society with pure, authentic, and organic food and simultaneously helping the farmers with a sustainable income with a positive impact on the soil health of India’s farmlands.

As of now, Nimble is certified Organics for the last 3 years in a row and talking more about the company and the services that they offer, Nagendra who is the co-founder & Chief farmer at Nimble says, “We have a strong passionate team which focuses on Organic F&V through our proprietary in-house developed Package of practice. We prioritize on the authenticity and
health of Soil, people, farmers and the environment. We are here to make a dent in this universe and we have grown significantly since last three years and are bound to grow manifold in the next couple of years. To cater to the varied requirements of our clients we have created a diversified service portfolio and we are into captive as well contractual farming of organic fruits & vegetables. We supply 80+ SKUs.

We work with our farmer partners by ensuring quality production with the use of technology and our unique in-house developed proprietary package of practice (PoP) which is unique for each crop. We give quantity commitments and offer prices way above the market prices along with a committed minimum price even if the market rates come down. We also take care of the complete Supply chain management and ensure seamless delivery to our customers. The transparency and the traceability are the unique value proposition that we bring to our customers which have helped us build trust among them”.

Adding more about the evolution of Nimble and their future plans, Rahul, co-founder says, “Initially, our primary focus was to identify the right location and farmlands, strategize production plan, farmer on-boarding and experimenting with a few crops for R&D. We sowed the seeds starting early 2017 and the harvesting of the crops started in 2018. Subsequently, we expanded the area under cultivation from 4 acres to 22 acres trebling the varieties of crops. We at Nimble growth have been very clear with our philosophy and ethos around organic produce.

We care about health, environment, soil, farmers, and the consumers. This has helped us to move forward in our journey. Today, we supply more than 110+ metric tonnes per month and operate with 500+ acres of land under our belt. Going forward, we plan to expand significantly by increasing the captive farms to 200+ acres and onboarding 1000+ farmers in 2021 with a productive land capacity of 2500+ acres overall. We have the geographical advantage of expanding to Maharashtra, Telangana, Chennai, Goa and Kerala due to the close proximity of these places from our production farms. Apart from all this, we are also aiming to achieve a top-line of USD 11 Million in the future”.