Green Garden: Promising a Reliable Platform to Commercialize Agro Based Activities

CIO Vendor Despite the large-scale mechanization of agriculture in some parts of the country, the majority of large-scale agricultural operations are carried out by human hands using simple and traditional tools. Strong efforts are being made to encourage farmers to adopt technically advanced agricultural equipment to ensure that farm operations are carried out in a timely and accurate manner and that the agricultural production rocess is economical.

Established in 1989, Green Garden is the brainchild of Dr. Nitin Bhore, who holds a great 30 years of experience in agriculture and horticulture at the national level. Initially, the company started with the cultivation of processing crops like tomato, papaya, soya bean, green chilli, mango, strawberry, pineapple, and sweet corn, where around 25 products were bottled and canned. In the later years, Green Garden went ahead to make contracts with farmers all over the country for various crops, majorly tomato, and as result of this approach, Dr. Nitin Bhore was able to collect about 25 tons of tomato every day.

In the beginning days of the company witnessed various challenges, Dr. Nitin Bhore, Proprietor of Green Garden elucidates the motivating factor that made him set up this enterprise, “When I entered the agribusiness sector after my graduation I overcame a major gap in this field, the education that is provided by the agricultural colleges is immensely different from the work conducted on field.

When I offered advanced consultations to the farmers, the feedback that I received was why don’t you buy a land and prove these strategies yourself. This made me launch my own company and I believe the agricultural company’s growth depends on the skills and knowledge used in marketing their products.”
Combination of Organic and Conventional Farming
Organic food products are in huge demand today, especially in metro cities, people choose to buy quality fruits, flowers, vegetables, and spices with the right amalgamation of flavour, color, shelf life, and taste. But the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides deteriorates the quality and purity of crops, there is a need to make the farmers understand the uses and limitations of these fertilizers and pesticides. Looking after all these demand and supply gaps, Green Garden implements the notion of combining Organic Farming and Conventional Farming to safeguard the quality of corps and also produce them according to the needs of the consumers.

Green Garden produces a wide range of exotic fruits and vegetables following advanced cultivation practices, the vegetables produced by the company are broccoli, Chinese cabbage, red cabbage, Iceberg lettuce, mizuna, artichoke, brussels sprouts, cherry tomatoes, zucchinis and all the crops completely organic meeting all the criteria such as color, crispness and the tenderness.

Green Garden implements the notion of combining Organic Farming and Conventional Farming to safeguard the quality of corps

Green Garden has introduced the concept of farming following the developments happening in the country, this concept of Dr. Nitin Bhore have provided abundant growth and success for the company. Further, he adds, “Today, though highly progressive equipment and resources are available still the agricultural field is lacking behind and the farmers are practising same traditional methods. There are no companies or farmers that grow crops that can be exclusively for the diabetic, paralyzed, hypertension, strokes, overweight or cancer patient, our farmers are only growing crops to feed the major population. These are the opportunities that we foresee at Green Garden and develop strategies that can help us grow, stand strong in the market and gain a reputation in the market.”

The company under the guidance of Dr. Nitin Bhore have chartered out a major goal to accomplish in the coming days which is bringing all the professionals from agribusiness such as a farmer, consultant, marketing executive and a dealer on a single table and map various concepts that can take the agricultural field to a greater level.