CV Hydro: An Industry Leader With An Attitude To Strive For Consistent Improvement

CIO Vendor There is a huge gap in terms of skills on the part of most people consulting in the Indian Soilless horticulture consultancy industry. The consultancy deliverables have a huge scope for improvement in India and just a handful of people can be called knowledgeable and experienced consultants in the country.

In India, what often happens is people who are in the business of selling equipment are also doubling in as consultants and what these people fail to understand is the fact that to be able to be a consultant one must have developed practical skills in this field for a minimum 15 years. This is an area that needs a lot of change and improvement and acknowledging this gap in the industry, CV Hydro was incepted to bring in a positive change in the entire Indian Soilless horticulture consultancy market.

A Notch Above the Rest
CV Hydro is a company engaged in Skill-building and Consultancy Services in Soilless horticulture. The present company has metamorphosized several times since 2008 to become what it is today. The Founder Lt Cdr CV Prakash (veteran) is the pioneer in the field of soilless horticulture in India. CV as he fondly called learnt the technique of soilless horticulture in Australia for 8 years. Once he was convinced that he had gained a degree of confidence and experience from his learning, he decided to launch this technique in India in Oct 2008. His project in India went by the name, the Pet Bharo Project.

The idea of launching this project in India was to build among his countrymen the necessary skills needed to grow horticultural crops using the soilless method both in rural and urban settings for sustainability and livelihood. Prakashstrives for perfection and he has also been awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by the International Institute of Simplified Hydroponics, USA in 2019 and this is just one among many other accolades he has received over the past two decades.

As of now, CV Hydro is the Numero Uno in the field of Soilless cultivation technology and consultation in India and they are also the best training school in the field of soilless cultivation. The various works done by the
company are known at the highest levels of the Indian government and allied agricultural organizations. CV Hydro has also been able to supply the finest nutrients and growing media in India for soilless cultivation on a consistent basis and this has helped the company to develop into a pioneering name in the soilless horticulture market segment.

To be a one-stop solution provider in the industry, CV Hydro has created a diversified service portfolio that includes skill-building, providing trained manpower, sales of soilless growing media and nutrients, and commercial farm consultancy/advisory services. CV Hydro is also a Lead Consultant to Vardan Agrotech’s 50-acre Soilless farm at Alwar, Rajasthan. The company believes in doing business with a clear conscience, be it in the area of products or services. This has been a primary catalyst behind their success and this has helped them to have thousands of great clients over the years. By striving for consistent improvement and by ensuring that their clients always receive the best, CV Hydro has been able to set new standards in the soilless horticulture industry.

CV Hydro is planning to develop a Centre of Excellence for skill-building much bigger than what it is now and this will be the largest such training facility in Asia

Constant Innovation for Consistent Improvement
When asked more about how they have been able to separate themselves from the rest in the industry and what are the future plans of the company, Prakash adds, “At CV Hydro we first listen to what exactly the client is looking for and then we set out to explain what the road-map should be. We get clients who have land and money but rarely possess the much-needed horticultural skills. We make them understand clearly that Soilless cultivation needs cutting-edge skills without which the clients would lose their money.

To improve our offerings, we are constantly developing techniques in our field. Like right now we are working on certain systems that can be incorporated into nursery businesses. We are also working with technical experts to create some very special plant nutrition distribution systems. With that said, our philosophy is that while we develop technologies, they must be very affordable, reliable and user-friendly”.

As far as the future is concerned, CV Hydro is planning to develop a Centre of Excellence for skill-building much bigger than what it is now and this will be the largest such training facility in Asia. Apart from this, the company also has plans to start a training center in Australia as well by mid-2022 and to have their training centre in India accredited to some of the best agricultural universities in the world. With all this, they are aiming to supply trained manpower to the soilless industry in India.