Agriquality: Agri Is Our Culture

CIO Vendor The need to feed has led the Israeli agriculture sector to its worldwide well-known achievements in the last century. The need to feed the Israeli population in a hostile environment with limited resources: land, water, and manpower, created an innovative and creative sector that is now leading the world in many aspects. Israeli agriculture has become an efficient industry, competitive with many other places around the globe. Israeli fresh produce is now seen in European, American, and Asian markets. Israeli technology is operating in farms all over the world.

As of today, this is an export-oriented industry that is looking for new markets, new partners, and JVs with global businesspeople and companies.

The agricultural sector in India is a major contributor to the country’s economy. It is facing similar challenges to the ones Israel contended with a few decades ago - the need to feed a growing population while urbanization creates a manpower shortage in the rural areas, a shortage of irrigation water, and competition for land resources from other users. As in Israel, Indian agriculture must become more efficient and more extensive to meet its challenges. Agriquality is taking part in this make-over of Indian agriculture.

Agriquality operates to help its customers and partners perform in an efficient and effective manner. The company has a wide range of subject matter experts who combine their ability to go the extra mile to meet their Indian clients’ expectations and who have helped Agriquality to offer tailor-made solutions to their clients. Working in India since 2011, Agriquality has gained a positive reputation in the industry and created an Indian - Israeli niche in the market of consultancy and turnkey projects.

Thinking out of the Plot
Telling of Agriquality's inception and how they are able to meet their clients'
expectations, Shafrir Godel, the company's CEO says, “We have been operating in the industry for more than two decades now. As time passed, we started to fine-tune the various facets of our operations. For the last decade or so, we have been active in India and our clients are mostly companies or business people who wish to expand their business into Value Agriculture. To help our clients, we must first understand their requirements. We invest a lot in feasibility studies to understand the local conditions from market, economy, and agronomy perspectives. We then provide our solutions based on Israeli and local forces and technology.

To meet their clients’ requirements, Agriquality has created a diversified service portfolio that includes feasibility studies, strategic and business plans, turnkey projects, perishable marketing, and trading.

Metamorphosis Unlimited has worked with 75 plus clients, over the last four years that includes SMEs, MNCs, large Indian corporate and Government of India undertakings

Being committed to its customers' success Agriquality also offers technology and products sourcing and due diligence services in its fields of expertise. This has helped the company to not just create but also maintain an impressive clientele that includes both private and government organizations from Indian and international markets.

Agriquality's Green Business Network
When asked about the expertise of the company and their future plans, Shafrir adds, “We have been able to establish a good relationship with lots of industry experts and this helps us to get expert opinions on each individual segment, thereby helping us to improve the quality of our services. Our commitment to innovative thinking enables us to offer 'Out of The Plot'solutions. To complete our expertise and experience and to be a holistic service provider to our clients, we have created a Green Business Network that includes companies, farmers, exporters, expert officials, and government bodies. As of now, we have a small office in Pune that keeps us close to our customers.

Agriquality seems to be a great solution for many of Indian's companies, agribusinesses, and farmers who want the technology and expertise that Israel has to offer. Essentially, that’s why we decide to list Agriquality in our top 10 Agricultural Consultants for 2021.