MUVS Consulting: The Business Consultant Who Supports MSME Owners And Fortune 500 To Thrive With A Unique Gap Analysis Process And Best Suited Strategy

CIO Vendor MUVS Consulting is one pioneering name in the industry that helps business owners to improve organisational change, skill development, process audit & analysis and operational improvement services. The quality and efficiency of their services have also helped MUVS Consulting to create a niche in the market. The company is headed by Smita Narain Kanth who is an industry stalwart with more than a decade of industry expertise and business acumen. This experience has helped Smita to establish herself as an elite brand consultant and she is also aiming to be a top-notch business coach for women entrepreneurs in the near future.

When asked more about the inception story of MUVS Consulting, Smita adds, “While working 17 odd years for corporates I observed and realised that organisations need an expert and experienced professional who can help them to implement and monitor the policies, processes and manage people. During the last leg of my career, I was more into skill training and working with human potentials. That made me realise the potential in business process management consulting with more focus on the HR process.

Also, I have always wanted to do something of my own. After giving it a good thought and researching various options, I decided to join a certificate course in management consulting from Consultancy Development Centre which is an autonomous institution of DSIR, Ministry of Science and Technology. I got MUVS Consulting registered on 15th Dec 2015. Initially, it was a challenge to make my parents understand my decision as I am a first-generation entrepreneur.

However, with their support and trust, I feel happy and satisfied that I took that courageous decision. Since then, I never looked back and as far as the
name MUVS is concerned, it is the initial letter of the name of my parents and grandparents who raised me, influenced my personality and made me who I’m today”.

Adding more about the services offered by MUVS Consulting and what separates them from the rest of the competition, Smita says, “We have 2 major services which are System Gap Analysis and POSH at work (Prevention Of Sexual Harassment). Under System Gap Analysis, we conduct the system and process gap analysis with the help of questionnaires, conversations and interviews with the owner and key members of their team.

The major differentiator in our process is 95-97 odd probing questions which MUVS Consulting has developed in the last 2 years when we took up a mission to conduct business process audit and mission 500 business process audit. Till now, MUVS Consulting has completed more than 321 audits and we are planning to give it a book’s shape after 500 audits. When it comes to the POSH, we offer a multitude of POSH awareness training sessions to our clients.

Evolving with the changing industry scenarios, MUVS consulting is also aiming to strive for consistent improvement and through digital marketing and social media ads

There are a multitude of factors that makes us unique in the industry including - we don’t preach and give motivational speeches to our clients; we deliver practical and customised solutions. We support them to work ON their business and not IN their business by empowering them to monitor the company’s growth. All this has helped us to create an impressive clientele that includes companies from fashion retail, health care, travel & tourism to education, law firms, FMCG, trading and manufacturing”.

Evolving with the changing industry scenarios, MUVS Consulting is also aiming to strive for consistent improvement and through digital marketing and social media ads, the company is planning to deliver POSH session online PAN India in 2021 and 2022. Apart from this, the company is also planning joint ventures with other experts like; financial consultants and coaches especially CAs to offer unique value propositions for their clients.