Littler Associates: Building Strategies that Would Lead to Improvement in Revenue, Market Share and Pricing Power

CIO Vendor Littler Associates is a pioneering management and strategy consultant who is operating out of Chennai and the company strives to offer best in class services to their clients constantly. The company is headed by industry stalwart Ramachandra Sivaramakrishnan who has over two decades of industry expertise and business acumen working in various sales and marketing roles.

He has been a part of some of the biggest names in the industry and has conceptualised successful brand programs and sales & marketing programs for them. This along with the company’s attitude to never compromise on the quality of their offerings has helped Littler Associates to not just build a positive reputation in the industry but also to create a niche in the market.

When asked about what motivated him to start a business venture of his own and the services that the company offers, Ramachandra adds, “I had the good fortune of working across industries, both in the B2b and B2c sectors. I always had a number of people turning to me for advice on their marketing programs and was pleasantly surprised to see them saying they benefitted from my inputs. That then inspired me to set up a boutique advisory unit focused on business and marketing strategies.

The very fact that people were turning to me for external help led me to believe that there was a need that we could fulfil. For this, we have created a diversified service portfolio that included entry strategies, market segmentation, development of pitch desks and documents, market planning that includes product portfolio development, business development including complete sales play books, and pricing strategies to name a few.
We also liaise with a variety of other service providers like tier-1 market research agencies, ad/PR agencies, retail solution providers, event managers, digital agencies, sales trainers, developers of merchandise solutions, IT solution providers and app developers on behalf of our clients to execute components of the overall solution. Rather than remaining content with providing our recommendations, we prefer working with our clients in executing the programs or projects and seeing these validated and coming to life”.

Adding more about what separates Littler Associates from the rest of the competition and their future plans, Ramachandra says, “We are very particular about our values. To us ‘Learning’ is the no.1 reason for us to exist. Another important value is ‘Humility’- to always recognise that our work stands on the shoulders of so many who have made seminal contributions and that we have to always endeavour to get better at what we do. Our priority has always been and will remain on business and marketing strategy.

Rather than remaining content with providing our recommendations, Little Associates prefer working with clients in executing the programs or projects and seeing these validated and coming to life

We will remain focused on front-end, client/market-facing solutions to drive revenue growth through either growing market, market shares or pricing power. Going forward, our goal will be to expand our client base in a sustainable manner, never sacrificing quality for growth or earnings. We will incorporate new technologies and advances in our work to enable faster/more accurate analysis of data to resolve customer problems. We are also excited about emerging technologies and the changing landscape of the industry.

Littler would look to leverage these to deepen our expertise in market analytics to provide powerful insights to our customers. We would also like to participate in frontier areas of work like e-mobility, energy storage, digital commerce, international business and other such. So, the coming years will definitely see us participating in these areas”.