Paddle Business Consultants: Integrating Unique Techniques to Offer Top-Notch Business Consultancy Services

CIO Vendor When we consider the post covid scenario, it is very much essential for entrepreneurs to get the right advice at right time. When the pandemic hit the world, those who were not prepared to face a tragic event or manage the situation had to panic and as plans were not in front, overcoming the difficulty became a big challenge.

Business is not mechanical, it is visioned, curated, planned and executed by people, when people are infected at the same time affected by fear of future, the entire VCPE (Vision, Curation, Plan and Execution) also gets infected and affected. This itself is one of the challenges that many businesses face in the industry and many businesses have found it hard to get a foothold in the industry owing to the recent pandemic scenario.

To tackle this issue, it is crucial to have business leaders that are equipped with the right skillsets and mindset to run a successful business organization in challenging scenarios. Paddle Business Consultants is one pioneering business consultant which is coaching every entrepreneur to see the future and do everything now based on what they need in the future. Also, the company facilitates and support their clients to plan for the future and be prepared to face any challenges or tragic events.

Paddle is a business organization that prioritizes on learning and the company strives to modify the thought process of entrepreneurs so that they will use their full potential to think and do what is required at the right time. Paddle’s ability to bring change into the people first which is followed by changing the business processes has helped the company to create a niche in the market.

Adding more about the inception story of the company and the major services that they offer, Renjithraj, CEO & Strategist, Paddle Business Consultants says, “After a period of about 10 years working with one of the leading consulting firms then, I had set my aspirations to start a firm of my own. Obviously, looking forward for growth in terms of taking up more challenging and unique assignments, I also developed plans to add more people to my team by way of internal training to create more consultants as I
had identified that this will be one of the trending careers in the near future.

To cater to the varied requirements of our clients, we have created a diversified service portfolio that includes organizational development services, strategic advice, business development, employee development, holistic management consultancy services, and buddy consulting to name a few. Apart from this, we also offer free business tips to entrepreneurs and we see it as a way of giving back to the community”.

The quality of their services and their customer-friendly approach has helped Paddle to not just create but also maintain an impressive clientele. Evolving with the changing times, Paddle is aiming to improve consistently and when asked about the future plans of the company, Renjithraj adds, “We are working on modifying the thought process of entrepreneurs in the MSME segment to trigger growth mindset in them.

Paddle Business Consultants is one pioneering business consultant which is coaching every entrepreneur to see the future and do everything now based on what they need in the future

We believe that consulting goes hand-in-hand with training because entrepreneurs need coaching, a coach is what they need to educate and empower them. We wish to contribute to the development of MSMEs by inculcating a practice of systematic thinking and doing to widen the scope of their products and services beyond their present target customers and geography. We also would like to bring them to the next level by following international standards so that they can serve international customers and businesses”.