KEPLER: Solution to Unlock the Potential of Organisations and Accelerate their Transformation to Address the Challenges for Tomorrow

CIO Vendor The Indian consultancy market segment is growing rapidly on a constant basis and the Indian environment is composed of highly skilled professionals in different spheres, making it one of the greatest business hubs, potentially.

In a world that has become more competitive and uncertain, operating margin and working capital are two pillars of the company’s viability and this is where KEPLER comes into play. The company was incepted with the belief that real transformations occur when operational changes are perfectly aligned with company’s strategy and its different functions. For this reason, KEPLER has acquired a complete operational expertise around four levers of excellence: Innovation, Procurement, Supply Chain and Operations, capable together of delivering ‘Total Operational Performance’.

The company provides high quality services to world sized organizations. Three cross skills have made its renown: Change Management, Complex Project Management (PMO) and Data & Digital Governance. Talking about the latter, KEPLER has acquired a strong expertise in Machine Learning, Data Analytics and AI Algorithm design. This know-how is symbolized by the creation of easy Kost, a solution offering new Costing and Category Management Capabilities to Procurement services utilizing Machine Learning. All of it, developed with the help of KEPLER’s expertise.

The quality and effectiveness of the services offered have helped the company to develop into a pioneering name in the industry with offices in Paris, Chennai, Shanghai, and Chicago. Adding more about the services offered by the firm, Khaja Hameed, Managing Director at KEPLER India adds, “We offer consulting services and operational solutions around our four practices: under innovation, we help companies invent the Business of Tomorrow, Increase the ROI of Research and Innovation, Accelerate the Time-To-Market of new products and Services, and Engage the R&D Community.

With our Procurement/Purchasing practice, we assist businesses in Co-
Operating the Company’s strategies, Delivering Total Performance, Building an Efficient and Flexible Operating Model, and mobilizing the Extended Enterprise. With our Supply Chain Practice, we strive to assist businesses when it comes to Improving their responsiveness and securing Availability of products and services, Optimizing full costs, Providing end-to-end visibility, and Supporting CSR Ambitions. Finally, under our Operations practice we allow businesses to Secure Growth, Gain in competitiveness, stay connected to customers, and mobilize their teams”.

When asked about what separates KEPLER from the rest of the competition and their future plans, Adrien Dubuisson, KEPLER Marketing Manager adds, “Our mission is to unlock the potential of our clients’ teams and accelerate their transformation to serve their challenges and performance. Our primary motive is to optimize our clients’ operating margin, increasing their income and allowing them to successfully launch new investments and innovate. We don’t just design slides; we act on the field side by side with our clients’ teams: in factories as well as in headquarters and R&D centres. We understand the fact that the one size fits all approach will not work in the consulting industry, so we strive to understand the requirements of our clients and offer them tailor-made services”.

Going forward, based on its experience and reputation, KEPLER intends to keep strengthening its Digital and Data expertise but also lead the Global Thinking on contemporary subjects such as Risk Management and Sustainable Business. Sustainable procurement, sustainable supply chains, sustainable operations and even sustainable innovation are all results of a same ambition: operate today for a better tomorrow. A company such as KEPLER can’t do without spending much effort on such a vital subject. Dinesh Ranganathan, Digital Marketing Specialist at the company adds, “We are looking for a stronger combination of practices expertise to meet the most demanding missions on a global scale and we are also putting our effort on marketing and communication to make our firm even more appealing to clients and future employees”.