InvokHR Solutions: Striving to be a Standard-Bearer in the Indian HR Consultancy Space

CIO Vendor While HR consulting is a crowded space and it gets difficult to standout, one company that has started creating a mark with its contemporary approach towards providing HR services across entire gamut of value-chain is InvokHR Solutions.

Most of the HR consultants operate vertically with in-depth focus in one area, for example recruitment or compensation or training or payrollrelated services. InvokHR Solutions strives to take a holistic view of a seasoned ‘HR Practitioner’ to resolve complex situations from all aspects. For example, if an organization wants to improve ‘sales productivity’, InvokHR Solutions would take an integrated approach of reviewing hiring profiles, capability building of team, goals alignment and design of incentives rather than one action.

InvokHR originated with a vision to enable business results by aligning people strategy with business priorities. The company believes that Human potential is unlimited and if harnessed properly, it can lead to a quantum jump in individual development and business outcomes. The company strives to deliver best results for their clients and InvokHR was envisioned to evolve as a one-stop HR solution consulting partner – a partner which offers timely and value-driven custom counsel to help business in any stage, from start-ups to mature businesses, with their HR priorities.

InvokHR is fast evolving as an HR ecosystem offering access to quality HR services, expert guidance and a pool of practical insights to assist organizations with effective human capital management. When asked about the different services offered by the company, Vipin Arora, who is MD of the company adds, “At InvokHR, we understand the uniqueness of every business situation and our solutions walk the talk. We identify our client’s pain points, consult and deliver efficient solutions. We operate in end-to-end
gamut of HR and we operate with 3 broad verticals – Advisory, Applications and Outsourcing.

The ‘Advisory’ vertical provides customised strategic counsel to unique business requirements. The services range from HR Policy, Governance, Compensation strategy, M&A advisory, Workmen Service Conditions, and Workforce Planning to name a few. The ‘Applications’ vertical works with clients for delivery of the solutions, and delivery of projects under the Advisory vertical. The services range from Recruitment, Retained Executive Search, training, Employee Life cycle management, and Compensation surveys among many others.

The ‘Outsourcing’ solution takes up the burden of routine HR processes so that business leaders can focus on what's critical for them. The services include Virtual CHRO/ interim CHRO or other HR positions. For start-ups and SMEs, we provide complete HR function outsourcing and for bigger organizations, it could be specific areas like payroll, C&B or recruitment outsourcing”.

Adding more about the growth of InvokHR and their future goals, Vipin says, “InvokHR Solutions started in early 2019 in its new avatar. At that time, the prime area of consulting was on advising clients on various schemes under Skill India initiatives like NEEM, NAPS etc. In 2020, 6 verticals were launched namely – Recruitment solutions, CXO-level Retained Search solutions, Compensation & Benefits solutions, Mergers & Acquisition solutions, Mentoring and Coaching Services and HR Policy/Governance advisory solutions.

In 2021, InvokHR has launched ‘Training and Development solutions’ and also forayed into building awareness and educating HR professionals through Master-classes on complex topics like ‘Implementation of Labour Codes-2020’. The response has been tremendous on such sessions. We have recently launched our flagship ‘Mentor Led HR Practitioner Certification program’. It is a very unique program with a blend of continuous mentoring, intense master-classes, technical simulations and capstone project to help accelerate and future-proof career for HR professionals.

With this launch, InvokHR has also offered a direct retail solution for HR professionals apart from business clientele. Going forward, InvokHR is poised to evolve as a full-scale HR ecosystem with one-stop solutions for all HR aspects. In order to provide a comprehensive solution, InvokHR is adding competence in the allied areas of overlaps with other functions example interface with Finance or Legal for complex subjects of compliance, and M&A. InvokHR is also heavily inclined to leverage technology where it is helpful to create more efficient and contemporary solutions”.