A Priori Consultants: Accelerating growth through strategic marketing solutions that are executable and sustainable

CIO Vendor A Priori Consultants is a unique strategy consulting firm that aims to bridge the prevalent gaps that exist in the marketing industry today. Shubhajit, the founder of the company, has held respectable positions in multiple reputed companies like GSK, including being the Managing Director of Micromax. He recognises and appreciates these gaps having spent over two decades in marketing in the Indian as well as International markets.

While the rapidly evolving business and consumer environment is encouraging marketing firms to engage with external partners for fresh ideas and perspectives, the biggest gap that exists for companies is the bridge between strategy and execution. Shubhajit aims to narrow this gap by bringing together a group of marketing experts from diverse backgrounds who have not only led larger and well-known brands in the past as CXO’s but have also spent their careers learning the realities of execution. As the name of the company ‘A Priori’ suggests, the approach of the company is to rely on fundamental knowledge and unlock pivotal consumer insights to build realistic solutions.

Shubhajit adds, “I have spent over 25 years in the Indian as well as international corporate sector and one of the things that I knew working in the industry for so many years was the fact that the whole marketing strategy ecosystem was getting very fragmented to very specialized people. All the different consultants and agencies operating in the field of marketing were also getting specialized. Even within organizations, the marketing team was getting more specialized. This specialization has led to the creation of
separate teams that takes care of specific branches such as digital marketing, research and more within marketing. Co-ordinating with different teams as well as the different specialized agencies and consultants is a tough task. Many agencies also give less importance to the business implications of the solutions that they offer. So, at A Priori Consultants we bring together the expertise and experience of marketing leaders supported by a team that is good at analysis and research. We try and ensure that we understand the requirements of our clients and offer them tailor-made services which will give them the best possible results”.

A Priori Consultants does a lot of work on innovation, coming up with tailor-made marketing strategies- client-engagement strategies, creating communication platforms to name a few

When asked about how A Priori Consultants meets client’s expectations and their future plans, Shubhajit says, “We do a lot of work on innovation, coming up with tailormade marketing strategies- client-engagement strategies, creating communication platforms to name a few. The recommendations we offer are based on conceptual frameworks. We always keep ourselves and constantly build our knowledge base. We update ourselves with the latest industry trends and technological advancements. We access a lot of research happening in this space and we marry that with our experience.

Another area where we focus a lot is the rich network of senior industry professionals and subject matter experts from both inside and outside India who come and work with our team. Looking towards the future, we want to introduce a set of products that are result-oriented. We also plan to expand our client base and get into more geographical areas. With that said, our number one priority is to always improve the quality of our services and come up with new innovative solutions that will bring in new value additions to our clients’ operations”.