Jyoti Khetarpal: Bringing in Value Addition to their Clients’ Operations

CIO Vendor 'If it is to be, it’s up to me’. Living by this ideology has helped Jyoti Khetarpal to overcome challenges and develop into a pioneering name in the Indian corporate realm. Her passion towards her profession and her commitment to have a positive impact on others’ lives have catapulted Jyoti to a successful entrepreneur. Brisk Check Solutions is her brainchild and her attitude to never give up even in the face of overwhelming odds has allowed her to move forwards despite the various hiccups that she faced before the inception of the company. By becoming the change, she always wanted to be, Jyoti and under her guidance, Brisk Check Solutions have been able to improve the various facets of their clients’ business operations.

The Beginning
When asked about the inception story of Brisk Check Solutions and what was the major challenge that she had to overcome when it came to setting up the company, Jyoti says, “I have been into risk mitigation and management for the last 20 years. What I have seen is that even in big firms, the emphasis is on how to deal with issues or risks after something major has happened and no real action is taken to understand the different causes of the risks and address those situations proactively. Risk Mitigation is always seen as a response mechanism and not as a preemptive tool. I was kind of eyeing at this and creating awareness among my clients.

I had always prioritized on setting up preventive processes in the clients' operations so that they are better equipped not just to face the risks that they might face in the future but to curb it to the minimum. This was the basic motive behind the inception of the firm and many clients have approached me owing to this unique philosophy of ours which is saving lot of money, time and efforts of our clients. When I was thinking about starting the organization, I thought that I shall start with the help of government agencies so that I can have more impact not just on conglomerates but on MSME segment as well. Unfortunately, I didn’t even get an appointment with the concerned officials. Even with all this, we decided to setup the organization and started moving ahead as a private entity”.

Being an enthusiastic entrepreneur who strived to improve on a consistent basis, one important thing that Jyoti has given major emphasis is to run a transparent business organization whose core pillar is healthy communication. This has helped her to create a healthy working environment in the company and by ensuring that her employees and associates have a clear understanding of what is expected of them, Jyoti is able to cut unwanted slack and streamline their business operations. By not giving pressure on deadlines, in an industry which is run by deadlines, she is able to create a meaningful and strong connect with her employees which can be seen in their performance.

Even amidst the pandemic, Jyoti has made sure that none of their employees’ salaries are deducted and the payment to their vendors are done promptly. And when asked about her opinion on other companies that had to cut their employees’ salaries and make dues on their payments during pandemic, Jyoti avers, “Many industries had to suffer a lot due to Covid19 with no choice but to take such a painful decision of salary cut or jobs cut.
However, if a risk consultancy firm has to deduct salaries of its employees and holding onto their vendors’ payments, then certainly they are not the ones giving advice on risk mitigation”. The fact that Brisk Check Solutions was at the same time offering additional leeway to their clients when it comes to getting payments from them, shows the exact scale of how much Jyoti has been able to optimize their business operations.

Not Compromising on Quality of Services
“Our services are under promised and over delivered. We keep on evolving according to the requirements of our clients and some of our services are due diligence, fraud investigations, whistle blower mechanism setup, and prohibition of sexual harassment at work place (PoSH). Apart from that, we are also guiding startups and well-established conglomerates to actually have their processes in place at the beginning through our policies, processes and SOP consulting. I have also created an online portal i.e. Briskcheck-Policies where we have already placed more than 75 policies and procedures which the organizations can login and download.

More importantly, all our services are very economical to fit the budget. We give consultancy on Cyber Security big time to MSME who lack both knowledge and budget to secure their information and technology. Our Security-in-the-Box solution is turned out to be just the right solution at the right time. We also have our own CSR project named Grass Foundation and we have started with population data analysis which is going to be extremely useful on multiple levels for governments across the globe and global institutions like the UN and WHO. We have also been in talk with the UN regarding the data support”, states Jyoti, when talking about the various operations of Brisk Check Solutions.

The Security-in-a-box model created by her organization is found to be just the right solution at the right time. As the world grapples with cyber security incidents, which have increased by 400% during the last one year, this timely offering will be extremely useful for organizations who have an urgent need to gear up their act

Going forward, Jyoti and Brisk Check Solutions have high hopes for the future with the company aiming to continue giving major emphasis on the satisfaction and happiness of their clients rather than just operating with a profit-driven motive. In the long-run, Brisk Check Solutions is also aiming to go public and set new standards in the industry.

Jyoti Khetarpal, Founder, Brisk Check Solutions
Jyoti is a CA by profession has been instrumental in providing industry solutions, outlining risk mitigation & management methodology and creating better places to work. She is also a speaker, writer, leader and driving force for any organization.

Hobbies: Gardening, Reading & Travel
Your Idol: Mother Teresa & Elon Musk
Favourite Quote: If it is to be, it is up to me
Favourite Book: Bhagwat Geeta
Go-to Mantra for Success: Be authentic & add value
Advice to others: Get into Direct Selling & Network Marketing Industry once in your career span at least for 2-3 years. In case you don’t succeed there, you will succeed in your other endeavour, for sure, by becoming a better person.