AaKrithi Consultants: Helping Professionals and Organizations to Strive for Consistent Improvement

CIO Vendor Employees are one of the most essential facets of a business organization and the quality of your employees will have a large roll to play in the success of your company. Managing different individuals to work in sync to achieve a common organizational goal is a skill of its own and one entrepreneur that has got this skill in spades is Krithika Ajay. This industry stalwart who has got two decades of industry expertise and experience, both in India and abroad, is also the founder of AaKrithi Consultants.

She has worked in some renowned companies including Hinduja Leyland Finance, Sundaram Finance, Cholamandalam MS General Insurance, and Frost & Sullivan to name a few. AaKrithi Consultants was set up with a dream and passion to engage with organizations and individuals to develop change leadership capabilities which will help them implement key change initiatives leading to a successful transformation. Under Krithika’s mentorship and guidance, the company has been able to create a positive reputation in the industry and create a niche in the market.

Operating for a Greater Cause
AaKrithi Consultants was conceptualized as a Covid19 support initiative to help organizations and individuals to get back to a normal and healthier life with more confidence and fervour than before. “For me, it was very clear when I started my career in the corporate realm two decades ago that I want to be an entrepreneur. In the year 2020, I was very keen on starting my own business and I felt like I have to start now or it will be late to achieve my entrepreneurial dream.

I always wanted to give back to the society in a big wayand hence under AaKrithi banner, we are also starting an NGO ‘The AaKrithi Foundation’ to make this a reality. Many people were scared to do something new with the current pandemic situation but I was very confident and more than happy to start my Entrepreneurial journey. I love meeting different kinds of people and I try to find solutions to address the issues faced by an organization. I also give my team and the people around me a lot of freedom at work and that has helped me to achieve mine and my organizational goals”, avers Krithika Ajay.

The services offered by AaKrithi Consultants is divided into three segments – Advisory, Counselling, and Consulting. Under the Advisory segment, the company helps their clients in different stages of their development by providing a gamut of advisory services including marketing, business management, human resource management, business start-up, and operations related services.
When looking at the Counselling service segment, clients can approach AaKrithi Consultants for employee assistance program (EAP), parents counselling as well as relationship and marriage counselling. Finally, looking at the Consultancy service vertical, the company offers a plethora of consultancy solutions including HR solutions, organizational development, and business process improvement services. The quality and efficiency of their services have helped AaKrithi Consultants to not just create but also maintain an impressive clientele even during the current pandemic scenario.

When looking at the Counselling service segment, clients can approach AaKrithi Consultants for employee assistance program (EAP), parents counselling as well as relationship and marriage counselling

Having Strong Support
Family plays a crucial role in the success of most individuals and when asked about how was the support from her family, Krithika adds, “I had an older brother and my parents had never shown any gender discrimination towards us and my parents and sibling have always supported me in all my ventures. They thought me how to face the world at every stage of my life. My husband - who has always been my best friend and my two sons have always stood by me in my decisions and have given me the freedom to pursue my dreams and ambitions.

I also live in a joint family and even my in laws have been very supportive of my professional journey. My family’s support has helped to achieve greater things in my professional career. It is always a great feeling to know that whatever happens in my professional life, there is a family that I can go back to.”

Finally, when asked about what her message to the aspiring women entrepreneurs of tomorrow will be, Krithika adds, “If you really think that you can make a difference for yourself and positively impact others around you, back yourself confidently and do it now. Always Dream big and have the attitude to go and achieve it”.

Krithika Ajay, Founder and CEO
She has two decades of industry expertise in human resources, organisational development, CSR and Counselling. Under her guidance, AaKrithi Consultants is aiming to strive for consistent improvement in the industry and develop into a pioneering organization.

Hobbies - Reading Books, Traveling, watching movies
Your Idol - My Brother
Favourite Quote - “Dream is not the thing you see in sleep but is that thing that doesn’t let you sleep” - Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam
Favourite Book - ‘The Secret’by Rhonda Byrne and ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ by Stephen Covey
Go-to Mantra for Success–Never stop dreaming – Success come to those who dream big and work hard to achieve them