Ayoshmita Biswas: Creating a Niche Owing to the Quality and Effectiveness of their Services

CIO Vendor The Indian corporate realm has seen some major paradigm shifts over the course of the last couple of decades which has massively improved the efficiency of its operations. With that said, there are still various aspects that needs to be improved in order to be at level pegging with its western counterparts. One such facet that needs to be worked on is marketing. Still many businesses are struggling to differentiate between sales and marketing and by seeing marketing as a cost, most business owners don’t even bother investing more money, time and effort into marketing. Ayoshmita Biswas who has been a marketer for almost two decades is trying to change this attitude by offering top-notch virtual marketing solutions through her firm The Moody Rhino. Under her guidance, the company has been able to make steady progress in the crowded Indian corporate realm and internationally, and create awareness about the importance of marketing.

An Industry Stalwart with Rich Expertise
Ayoshmita has got immense expertise working in both the Indian and International market and her passion for her profession have helped her to develop into a unique entity in the industry. “I have been a marketeer all my life and I started my career in London and then I moved back to India. Before starting my own business venture, I have worked in multiple reputed organizations including being the Group Head – Marketing & Corporate Communications (Financial Services) of Primal Capital Housing and Finance, VP & Head – Marketing, Communications & CSR at Fullerton India, Brand and Product Communication Head at DHFL and more. What business owners especially in India should understand is the fact that marketing doesn’t work in isolation and marketing marries internal and external together.

Businesses should also be patient owing to the fact that brand value is not going to be created overnight and organizations should see marketing as an investment rather than as a cost. This is the basic motive behind the inception of The Moody Rhino which is basically a virtual CMO service provider, which itself is evolving with the new age marketing requirements. The Moody Rhino offers strategic marketing consulting, planning and execution support across marketing and communications and can act as an extension of our clients marketing team and offer them top-notch customised marketing solutions”

With Ayoshmita at the helm, The Moody Rhino has been able to develop into a one stop solution provider for all their client’s marketing dilemmas
and the company’s USP is that their clients get an entire marketing and communication platform to grow and develop at a fraction of a cost. At the same time, they get immense professional expertise and experience which helps their clients to reduce their overall cost on marketing significantly. Apart from that, The Moody Rhino also works with various MSMEs and helps them to create brand value for their businesses from the ground up. Being a hardcore marketer, Ayoshmita has also made it mandatory that their clients get the best value for money services that will help them to take their businesses to greater heights.

Being Passionate is Crucial
When asked about what motivates her to strive for consistent improvement and how she has been able to maintain work-life balance, Ayoshmita says, “You have to be passionate about what you do. I love reading and learning about new things especially related to the industry. I also write blogs as well and more than focusing on the rest of the competition, I am focusing on myself and how we as a company can improve our offerings.

This has helped me to get a clear idea of what I want to achieve as an entrepreneur which is crucial in order to be successful in the highly competitive Indian business arena. As far as how I am able to achieve work life balance, being a founder, the lines are blurred because you don’t know when you will have to start working. With that said, it is an exciting time and we are in the initial period of the company’s growth which in itself is a huge motivating factor that helps me and my team to give our best”.

Under Ayoshmita’s guidance, The Moody Rhino has been able to make steady progress in the crowded Indian corporate realm and internationally, and create awareness about the importance of marketing

As more and more women entrepreneurs are entering the corporate world, Ayoshmita has got one bit of advice for them and that is “Don’t let anything pull you down and as long as you believe in yourself and the value that you bring across, nothing matters more”.

Ayoshmita Biswas, Founder, The Moody Rhino
Apart from being an enthusiastic entrepreneur, she is also a trained dancer in multiple genres. Ayoshmita also loves to paint and travel and apart from that, she is also a rally driver.

Hobbies: Reading and Painting
Favourite Quote: “Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.” – Sun Tzu
Favourite Book: Golden Fox by Wilbur Smith, Chanakya’s Chant by Ashwin Sanghi