Bramha Consultancy Services: Achieving Sustained Success and Stronger Clientele on the Principle of Excellence

CIO Vendor The Indian labour law consultancy industry is a booming market segment owing to the fact that right from the registration of the shop act license the labour law consultancy starts and many labour laws get added once the employee size of the establishment grows. The more you grow the more legal framework comes into the picture. Striving to offer best-in-class legal consultancy solutions is Bramha Consultancy Services.

The founding members of the company have decades of expertise and experience working in the industry and their wisdom and guidance have helped Bramha Consultancy Services to create a niche for themselves in the market. Bramha Consultancy Services emphasis on offering value-added services to their clients has helped the firm to create a positive reputation in the market and stand apart from the rest of the competitors.

The company has got a diversified service portfolio that includes offerings like PF/ESIC/PT/MLWF returns and support, compliance and exemptions for IT/ITES Sector and apart from that Bramha Consultancy Services also offer corporate training to their client’s staff members as well as educate and train MBA students on labour laws. Adding about what makes, Bramha Consultancy Services unique, Hemant A. Deshpande, Founder & Principal Consultant says, “Generally we do compliance of our client at least 3/5 days before the TADA Line given by the Government and our consultancy charges are levied depending upon the size of the organization.
Our professional fees charges are less to the micro size establishments and they go on increasing depending upon the volume of the work and size of the establishment. In short, this is directly proportionate to the financial status of the organization. We had also maintained a practice of quick and appropriate response so that clients get a feeling of return on investment and by doing that we make sure that our clients are satisfied with the services that we are offering”.

Bramha Consultancy Services goes an extra mile to cater to the needs of their clients and their clients are updated 24/7 through both online and onsite support. This has helped the firm to not just create an impressive clientele but also to maintain it. Some of the major names working with Bramha Consultancy Services include Tata Communication Transformation Services, Persistent Systems, and MDI Networx. The firm has also served more than 100 Corporate in the past 13 years with a client retention rate of 80 percent and clocked in100 percent positive growth in last three years.

Bramha Consultancy Services goes an extra mile to cater to the needs of their clients and their clients are updated 24/7 through both online and onsite support

The company believes that compliance is a long-term commitment and businesses should hire services of a committed firm for their labour law compliances. The quality and experience of their team members which includes C.A., C.S, advocates, and associates as well as the trust of their existing clients have been fuelling the growth of the company.

Adding about the future plans and ambitions of Bramha Consultancy Services, Hemant adds, “We plan to put in force the automated response software for clients that will give them more quick and correct response automatically. This will bring the Customer’s level of satisfaction to new heights and we are calling it CRS- Customer Response Software”.