Reachwell Brand Services: Steering Brands on Top of the Game with Right Strategies

CIO Vendor Recently, the Indian market has begun to acknowledge the importance of branding and marketing more proactively than the past decade. Branding in India now requires new perspectives, out of box thinking, holistic approach and deep understanding of the market as well as the consumer’s needs and wants. Witnessing this industry potential with the growth of SMBs and the rapid emergence of native startups, Reachwell Brand Services was established by Senthil Kumar K in 2017 with a vision to provide cost-effective ‘Brand Consulting Services’ targeting the Indian market. Believing in ‘Drive your Brand Ahead with Winning Strategies!’, Reachwell Brand Services builds and leverages the ‘Brand out of a Product’ to create more brand visibility across different target audience. Reachwell Brand Services started out as a cost-effective ‘Outsourced Marketing Model’ that offers the benefits of an expert & qualified spectrum of Marketing Services, rather than hiring an in-house Marketing department which costs time, money, and resources.

During his corporate career PAN India with many MNCs, Senthil was quick enough to identify some specific gaps with regards to Marketing where the Startups and the SMB may have their existing set up of an internal sales/ business team, but lack the expertise with regards to inhouse Marketing. Considering his 12 years of experience in the field of Brand Marketing, he stepped up to understand the end-to-end Brand management requirements which eventually led to the establishment of ‘Reachwell Brand Services’ to provide Brand Consulting services.

Talking about the challenges faced by Reachwell Brand Services during its early days of inception, Senthil Kumar K, Founder, Reachwell Brand Services says, “As per my initial observation, people were not actually looking for Brand Consulting as a service because they were content with
their product performance in the market. When clients engage consultants they generally see the cost involved (expense) rather than investment. Our approach was to showcase the sense of amplification at lower budgets. For all the internal and external stakeholders, Brand Performance matters at the end. I have seen clients being concerned over the Category Growth rate meeting the industry standards, Marketing Budgets, ROI and Results. We take accountability for implementing the Brand Strategy, taking up the mantle of ‘Brand custodian’ to achieve the top line category growth supported with the Go to Market (GTM) strategy and relevant Brand solutions.”

Reachwell Brand Services covers the fully integrated range of Brand services across Brand Consulting, Brand Creatives and Digital Marketing. It supports startups with smaller marketing budgets on integrated BTL & Digital Marketing Strategies along with implementation support. Benefitting the clients with cost savings, time management, new market opportunities, and the right target audience, along with USPs such as higher benefitcost ratio, highly experienced industry experts, Reachwell Brand Services has managed to stand out amongst the other branding consultancies in the country. Reinventing the marketing arena as a cost-effective revenue center, the company adores an extended client list including many prominent names such as Muktha Ayurvedha, Verirare, Innogic Technologies, Vattam Agro, Teak Pro & R&D Infoserve.

Reachwell Brand Services aspires to target the hyper-local players while focusing on new and emerging business verticals

Started in 2017, Reachwell Brand Services only had FMCG and Retail clients but by the end of 2020, it had 50 plus clients across 15 plus sectors ranging from IT, Organic Products, Agro, Education, Electronics, Food & Beverages, AR/VR, e-commerce, and many more. “Our milestones can be correlated with our inclusion of Digital Marketing as an exclusive service from the beginning of the year 2019 that boosted up the digital way of delivering measurable results now. We aspire to integrate Marketing technology and focus more on delivering Performance Marketing. Also, we are looking forward to offering niche digital marketing services with differentiating strategies. We have plans to target the hyper-local players while focusing on new and emerging business verticals. Expansion of our team size as well as our services to other cities is definitely on card in future,” concludes Senthil Kumar.