SnapTics Business Solutions: A Reliable Digital Marketing and Consulting Firm Aimed at Maximizing Customer Business Efficiency

CIO Vendor “Products are created in the factory, but brands are created in the mind” – quoted by legendary brand designer Walter Landor, the statement depicts the significance and obligation of branding. In the present market when the competition is so prominent and cutthroat, branding does the most requisite job – making the products/services stand out. With technology advancing swiftly, the world is currently experiencing the prominence of digitization and the internet and so is the marketing industry. Equipped and evolved with the intervention of new-age technologies, branding consultancies are gradually becoming the visible players of the marketing industry by assisting the organizations in highlighting their unique features. With the potential to revolutionize the branding and marketing sector, one of the names which is marking its significance in the market of brand consultancies is SnapTics Business Solutions. Established in 2013 by Haritha Pulijala, SnapTics Business Solutions is a modern digital marketing and marketing consulting organization based out of Hyderabad, which leaves no stone unturned to boost the productivity of its clients by undertaking a strategic approach to their business pain points.

An industry veteran, Haritha noticed the gap occurring in the industry due to the businesses solely contemplating on the objective of the organization and neglecting the marketing. “I noticed the lack of branding consultancies for SMEs which are currently dominating a larger section of the Indian market. Every business starts with an innovative idea and I observe that it getting shut in short duration because the businesses not getting proper marketing & branding support which is heart for any business to sustain in the initial phases of evolution. These are the businesses which, if you can contribute, can grow to the next level, and create many employment opportunities. I strongly believe, every business has the right potential but
what they lack is the right marketing & branding practices. I came with practical experiences about how to grow a business from scratch which led to the establishment of SnapTics Business Solutions,” says Haritha Pulijala, Founder, SnapTics Business Solutions.

Today, SnapTics Business Solutions has successfully paved its way as a state-of-the-art digital marketing consultancy. Bestowing services of the highest quality, SnapTics Business Solutions holds proficiency in Digital Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Social Media Marketing, PPC, Branding, Graphic Design and Business Consulting. “We at SnapTics have been building brands and making a difference to brands through defined marketing strategy. We try to understand what a business is currently doing and how is it handling its marketing, We analyze and come up with our plan to leverage more returns using the same practices with some new strategies that need to be followed to boost their business. We derive what will be the best option for their business and then we follow up accordingly as per the business requirements. Our strategy is completely unique and different for every individual business which is derived from the pain points of the customer”, shares Haritha.

With the potential to revolutionize the branding and marketing sector, one of the names which is marking its significance in the market of brand consultancies is SnapTics Business Solutions

SnapTics Business Solutions has served clients including SpaceVisionGroup, Avinash College of Commerce, Aptronix, Taco bell, Rainbow hospital, Citizen hospital and many more. Equipped with a dedicated team of professionals and proficient management, SnapTics owes its success to the support of its clients along the way. Thankful for the opportunities and trust extended by the clients, the company has not only managed to grow 200 percent in the last 2 years but also provides 360 degrees branding and marketing services. With an enhanced client base as well as service range, SnapTics Business Solutions is planning to implement new strategies which will help in the utilization of marketing opportunities by the SMEs. The company is also planning to launch an online platform in the future which will deal with the end-end marketing services of the businesses.