Elegans International: A Pioneering Company Integrating Innovative Strategies in Personal Brand Consultancy

CIO Vendor Expertise, competencies and exposure of consultants are essential to bring in value addition to their clients. Indian branding landscape is predominantly dominated by business branding; and we are yet to realise the power and potential of personal branding.

Recognising the prominence of reputation, industry stalwart Ven Krishnamoorthy founded Elegans International. Elegans is a brand consulting company specializing in personal branding and business branding. The company delivers on its commitment to its clients in ‘transforming their dreams into reality’. Their unique and innovative branding strategies and ideas have been instrumental in securing a reputed name and in creating a niche in the market.

Elegans International has a client base at the national and international level. The company believes that hard work alone isn’t enough; reputation and perception (how one is being perceived) matters. Ven Krishnamoorthy, Founder and Chief Brand Officer, Elegans International, espouses the belief that, “If you are born, you are a brand, and everyone inherently has a brand”. Every individual is unique and their uniqueness is defined by 3Es namely Environment, Exposure and Experience. Elegans International has been working with clients in four continents (i.e. Asia, Europe, North America and South America) and they have been collaborating and partnering with diverse players to make a difference.

When it comes to personal branding, the focus is on individuals who have vision, goals, zeal and tenacity to succeed in their professional and personal lives. Elegans has been building brands of CEOs, Entrepreneurs, lawyers,
Doctors, actors, models, magicians, musicians, stand-up comedians, politicians, corporate leaders and businesses.

“We, at Elegans, focus on fundamentals, what we call as ‘Golden Triangle’, getting right into the DNA. We start right at the purpose (why you are doing, what you are doing), we look into values, strengths, weaknesses and indicators for success and achievement. In today’s world, there is a huge noise of sameness. Standing out to establish presence and expertise is imperative for success. We have a rigorous process to choose our clients to ensure they are authentic and credible. We have open and closed periods of customer acquisition so we can give undivided attention to each of our clients creating a unique experience. For us, every individual has her own uniqueness and that’s the starting point for building a strong and powerful brand.”, says Ven Krishnamoorthy.

Elegans International offers holistic advisory and brand management services including brand discovery, brand development, brand management, brand transformation and image management. In developing and positioning a brand they help clients with agile, strategic and sustainable long-term plan to create, build and manage a successful brand.

Elegans International embraces its commitment towards transforming its clients’ dreams into reality and making this world an inspiring place

The company’s unique approach towards building the right brand DNA helps its clients to build a bigger, bolder and better brand and reputation in the most authentic way. Elegans believe in human-centric culture where experience, expertise, values and beliefs such as trust, respect, discipline and integrity are integral for the development and growth of the company. Elegans International works with clients from across ten industry verticals including Retail, Education, Construction, Software, and FMCGs to name a few.

The company has seen an impressive growth in all of the markets they have been operating in. Elegans is a launchpad for personal branding and as for the future, Elegans International is working on building a product (Service As A Product) to help India’s talent build a stronger brand and reputation to stand out in the global landscape.