BBG eBranding Group: Incorporating Unique Branding Strategies to Strengthen Customer Businesses

CIO Vendor With branding becoming the new buzzword in the corporate world for some time now, strong branding strategies are gaining more and more importance in today’s highly competitive market environment. Starting off as a small digital marketing consultant in Mumbai, BBG eBranding Group has developed into a well-established one-stop-shop for branding and marketing strategies. The firm helps its clients to improve organizational change, management support, skill advancement, process analysis, technology execution and additionally operational improvement systems. With their unique policies and innovative methods, BBG eBranding Group has been able to carve a niche in the segment and develop into one of the most sought-after names in the brand consultants sector.

Operating in a highly competitive industry, BBG eBranding Group has taken smart business decisions in order to achieve business growth and gain a competitive edge over the course of operation. “Initially, we started as a very affordable digital marketing consultancy for small manufacturers and exporters. That was the era of offline and traditional advertising. Using Google AdWords/ PPC was a very costly affair to the small business owners. We took note of this gap and came up with a very organic affordable online advertising solution, specifically Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Because of our very affordable model, a lot of small entrepreneurs from the manufacturing industry got attracted and it opened doors for new business opportunities for us”, shares Prakash Bhosale, Founder, BBG eBranding
Group. To cater to the requirements of their clients, the consultancy firm has also created diversified service portfolios which includes offerings for any entrepreneurial startup, right from their raw idea to conceptualization stage into a very practical and possible way and mould that idea into something which can really be executed.

BBG eBranding Group also assists their clients in preparing them for digital verticals and helping them yearlong with specialized business consulting. Adding more about how BBG eBranding Group is a notch ahead of others, Prakash says, “We build our clients a complete business plan which can help them develop strategies for growth or manage projects. We bring experience from a variety of companies and industries which allows us to offer creative solutions and enables ‘out of the box’ thinking. Also, we can provide an objective viewpoint, which allows for more diverse ideas than could be provided solely by employees within the organization. Our company also has a higher level of business expertise in providing unique solutions for businesses. Companies may want to consider the advantages of the level of expertise that can be brought by us, as well as how they could benefit from having an established strategic plan. To change the mindset of budding entrepreneurs and small business persons, we have also written more than 1400 articles and columns on Business and Entrepreneurship. Apart from that, we have also given thousands of free business ideas to publish our blogs in newspapers and various columns.”

With wide knowledge, the deep functional ability of the best business practices, and time-honoured management methodologies and corporate culture, BBG eBranding Group uses their expertise to carry clients' businesses to a new level and enhances their profitability and brand image with overall business development. This commitment to help clients has also allowed the company to create an impressive clientele that includes companies from various industry verticals. Additionally, BBG eBranding Group has also started helping MBA and PhD students in their thesis and dissertation copywriting. While planning to diversify their businesses into other sectors such as Matrimony and Realty Sector, BBG eBranding Group is also working on a new profit-sharing model of business where they will do the marketing and share the profit. With all this effort and dedication, BBG eBranding Group is aiming to develop into a standard-bearer in the Indian brand consultancy sector.