Agram Consulting: Setting New Benchmarks in the Indian Brand Consultancy Realm with Best in Class Services

CIO Vendor Set up by an industry veteran, Tamanna Khanna Sharma, and Saurabh Sharma, Agram Consulting is a perfect paradigm of a trailblazing firm within this category. An award-winning marketing professional in the corporate sector for over 15 years, when Tamanna started Agram Consulting, she initially started working with the BFSI sector, gradually moving to other market segments, such as biopharma and technology and industrial manufacturing. Tamanna’s experience of working across mature and start-ups, private and public sector promoted companies helped Agram understand what these companies needed and the challenges that had to be worked around.

Entrepreneurs have begun to realize that the right kind of branding can help them position themselves, build effective networks, and scale up their businesses more rapidly. However, due to relatively tight business budgets, they find it challenging to pay out steep salaries to experienced professionals. Hence, they seek consultancies that offer flexible-costs and diverse capabilities. Saurabh Sharma, Co-Founder, Agram Consultancy highlights, "Our customers usually come to us with several requirements including re-looking at their competitive position, refreshing their brand & better communicating what they stand for, getting their senior management aligned to the plan of action, creating a fresh visual identity, operationalizing their brand across all touchpoints, ensuring employees understand what the brand stands for & imbibing it in their day-to-day activities, translating the core messaging and visual expression of the brand to engage, inform and entice customers/stakeholders.”

To ensure that all the requirements of its customers are taken care of, Agram Consulting has created a diversified service portfolio that includes bespoke offerings like brand architecture, leadership positioning, product launch, brand transformation, creative & media plan evaluation, customer & sales communication, internal communication, and ecosystem development to name a few. Adding more about the unique aspects which separate Agram
Consulting from the rest in the market, Tamanna says, “At Agram, we work as part of the company’s core leadership team to understand its goals, design and execute an actionable marketing plan that works for them with their available resources. Not only does this render a fresh, unbiased perspective, but it also helps businesses keep focused on their other core processes. Further, with a cumulative experience of over 30 years of the founding team, we can collaborate and bring multiple experts (individuals as well as associates & partners) across different domains to solve diverse business challenges that our customers may have, thereby expanding the possible solutions and effectiveness of these solutions for our customers.”

The firm works with clients in both the B2B and B2C segments across industries. However, it believes in working with a few clients and getting deeply involved with them across their marketing and communication requirements. Unique in every sense, Agram Consulting understands its customers' business requirements. It churns out concrete ideas that enable companies to build and execute a comprehensive marketing plan that aligns with the business goals and growth objectives.

The multi-faceted promoters have carved out a CSR initiative within Agram Consulting, called Mohini. Speaking about it, Saurabh says, “At Agram, we understand branding, we know story-telling, and we know how a corporate function. We have merged this understanding of ours with our love for traditional art & nature to form Mohini.” This initiative facilitates women with opportunities to achieve their dreams from the confines of their homes while fulfilling their familial responsibilities. “We encourage women to use their skills and learn new ones, channelize their inner creativity to produce attractive handcrafted, unique and timeless pieces which in turn tell the story of the brand gifting it. It's our way of promoting traditional art while giving women the opportunity to become financial contributors to their homes.”