TECHCEM Consulting and Engineering: A Leading Consultant Renowned for its Technically & Economically Optimal Solutions

CIO Vendor With the Indian government being ambitious about plans like Make in India, Digital India, and Smart Cities, the country is expecting multiple projects to be executed at high demand. Right management of project will be needed for the successful execution of such large projects. Also, effectively managed projects yield not only timely completion but substantial saving in expenses towards unwarranted and war-footing corrective measure. Set up in 2016, Mumbai based TECHCEM Consulting and Engineering Pvt Ltd was established with the vision of brining value to its customers with Innovative, Cost Saving and Optimized Solutions and timely deliveries, thereby minimizing the overall project cost while keeping the projects on schedule.

D.T.Arjun and Jayanta Saha, founding members of TECHCEM Consulting and Engineering hold three decades of strong experience in the cement and allied industry with various OEMs and consulting firms in varied capacity. While working with MNCs, the duo realised that there is gap between industry requirement and support services, especially with small and medium range companies. “While the bigger players were equipped with their own pool of competent people, smaller companies lacked such resources. It is economically unviable for budding companies to have their own team of experienced and specialised experts to cater to their need of engineering and project managers. With TECHCEM Consulting and Engineering, we aspire to fill this gap and be a reliable and trusted partner with our vast experience in engineering as well a project management”, speaks D.T. Arjun, Founder, TECHCEM Consulting and Engineering.

TECHCEM is a powerhouse of Specialists, Engineers and Designers, having wide experience in positions of responsibility in the Cement & Mineral Industries. With its inception ideology being serving the industry with ‘Quality on Time’, the firm steps up to help clients as their ‘Own Engineers’
by assisting with proper planning of projects, right from conceptualizing to the commissioning. TECHCEM supports the clients at all the time altering at every stage with proper techno-economic solutions to ensure timely completion of project without compromising on quality. Some of the unique offerings of the firm include Consulting Services, Project Management, Conceptual Engineering, Procurement Engineering, Geological Services and Mining Services, Detail Engineering, Process & Refractory Engineering and more.

TECHCEM is a powerhouse of Specialists, Engineers and Designers, having wide experience in positions of responsibility in the Cement & Mineral Industries

While Project management is an age old practice, it only needs to be properly implemented with latest tools available and overall perspective of the project. In order to keep up with the industry demands, TECHCEM holds a three level check list to ensure errorfree deliverables. “TECHCEM supports the customer in proper planning, scheduling, and monitoring of each any every activity of the project.Both, pre-order and post-order stages are equally important and need to be thoughtfully planned and executed. At TECHCEM, ‘Where Result Matters’ is an integral part of our logo and we mean it. We focus on results which matter to our customers adding value to projects at every stage”, shares Jayanta Saha, Co-Founder, TECHCEM Consulting and Engineering.

Starting with a small office and revenue of Rs. 30 Lakhs in first years; TECHCEM could achieved a turnover of 1.2 crores and has completed more than 75 projects in very shorts span of 3 years. Recognised and preferred by almost all major cement players in India as well as oversees, some of the successful clients that TECHCEM Consulting and Engineering has served include JSW CEMENT, EMAMI CEMENT, BIRLA GOLD, DHOFAR CEMENT - UAE, RAYSUT CEMENT – OMAN and many more.

With its dedicated and skilled employees, in the years to come TECHCEM Consulting and Engineering aspires to be responsive towards customer needs, delivering technically and economically optimal solutions while developing culture of mutual trust, respect, team work, continuous up gradation and empowerment of employee.