TARU Leading Edge: Creating Effective Optimal Solutions Using Multi-Disciplinary Knowledge, Skills And Technology

CIO Vendor Today, Government, non-government, and private organisations are focused on developing Social, Economic and Infrastructure sectors to create a demand for high quality strategic, technical and project management inputs to improve their operation and achieve the goals. In this process, they frequently seek support and assistance of project management consultants who help with research, implementation, and monitoring inputs. Taru Leading Edge (Taru) has been one of the important partners of government, non-government and private organisations in their project operations over the last two decades in Disaster Risk Reduction and management, Climate Change, Urban Development, Health, Environment, Livelihood, Social Business, Water, Sustainability and related space.

“Taru, development advisory and thinktank that delivers transformative solutions and insights to both the Government and the Private sector working in the Development, Infrastructure and Social Impact space was set up in 1996 by eminent Development Sector professionals. Since early days of its inception, the company has marched ahead to be recognised today as one of the leading development advisory firms of India. Taru is looking forward to completing its 25 years of operations next year and is standing successful with more than 400 projects delivered till date”, says Manu Prakash, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner, Taru Leading Edge.

Based out of New Delhi, Ahmedabad and Mumbai, Taru, in its initial days, focused on limited sectors primarily on issues of disaster risk and reduction, urban development and livelihoods but later expanded its presence across Climate Change, Environment, Water, Sanitation, Social Business, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and more. The firm developed innovative strategies and solutions that helped the firm gain a solid client base within the country. With its deep and insightful industry expertise, Taru has served more than 100 clients over the last two decades both in India and countries like Indonesia, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, and others. Taru is highly recognised for offering relevant tailor-made project management and strategic support to its clients in areas such as Research, Strategic Insights, Planning, Evidence Building, Operations,
Knowledge and Capacity Building, Engagement and Outreach, Technical Assistance and developing both IT and non-IT based Systems and Platforms.

Many clients and stakeholders have benefited from Taru’s strategic collaboration and its ability to solve complex problems. Taru has worked with some of the leading clients in various sectors over the years which include ADB, World Bank, UNDP, UNICEF, JICA USAID, Rockefeller Foundation, Indian Institute of Science, Gates Foundation Reliance Foundation, TATA Trusts, Tech Mahindra Foundation, Jubilant Food Works, University of California and Berkeley; London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Hewlett Packard, Crisil, PwC, EY, AusAID, DANIDA, DFID, SDC, SIDA, Alstom Transport and the list continues; the company has also worked with several State governments like Bihar, Goa, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Gujarat, and many other development organisations.

Taru stands out and is unique because of its integrated frameworks, focus on research and learnings, multidisciplinary approaches, critical thinking and the immense commitment of the team

Taru brings together new and futuristic insights, innovative technologies and solutions, critical thinking and creativity to help its clients move towards sustainable growth. Taru uses various models and technologies for evidence building such as Geographical Information System (GIS), IT and Data Sciencebased technologies while developing a strategy or solution for their clients. Taru focuses on multi-disciplinary approaches and learnings from its sectors of work in Social, Economic, Political, Environmental and Climate domains to help its clients with right frameworks and insights that fit in the solution for them.

Elucidating about the USP that Taru ensures to their clients, Manu explains, “Taru stands out and is unique because of our integrated frameworks, focus on research and learnings, multidisciplinary approaches, critical thinking and the committed team of Taru. These five factors help us in delivering high quality services to our clients. Moreover, we always look for innovation that can add value to our projects and clientele; our services should help our clients in solving their problems more effectively and efficiently.”The uniqueness of Taru is in its structuring of the multidisciplinary teams and skills based on well-defined collaborative, analytical and customised delivery models. With a strong client base in India, Taru is already planning to expand its services in new sectors and regions like Africa, South Asia and Southeast Asiain the coming years.