UKA Consulting and Engineers (UKACEPL): A Brand Renowned for Scaling Unprecedented Heights in the Indian MEP Realm

CIO Vendor With the demand for creating buildings and industries that prioritizes the safety of its occupants increasing day by day, many companies have started providing expert MEP & Fire services. UKACEPL is a premier MEPF service provider in the Indian market. Established in 2005 by industry stalwart Unnikrishnan Valeri, UKACEPL has been able to carve out a niche in the segment owing to the quality of their services. The primary motive behind the inception of the company was to make others understand how a fire needs to be attended to. As an engineer himself, Unnikrishnan believes that the integration of the latest technologies in the sector has had a massive impact on the performance of the companies operating in this domain.

UKACEPL specializes in fire protection systems and with their unique ability to offer bespoke solutions for their clients, UKACEPL has developed into one of the most sought-after names in the industry. “Most people are providing conventional type of systems on this subject. This is not a healthy scenario. Value of asset and people’s security should be of prime importance. This is the place where the consultants can play a very big role. The consultants should understand the level of risk, categorize the hazard, post that decide the type of protection to be recommended and based on that the engineering is to be executed. The extinguishant for fire is not always water. But one has to identify the right type of extinguishing agent to be used based on the risk that is being protected. When the water or any other extinguishing agents are used the same has to be applied on certain flow and pressure. This engineering aspect to deal with fire is not very clearly applied in the Indian market. We understand the needs of our clients, along with the hazard nature, and we are able to custom design our solutions that suits them the
most considering safety and security as the topmost priority. In my extensive experience in the field of engineering for more than a decade, I have seen a big void between the traditional firefighting methods and modern-day approaches of firefighting. That is how we took an interest in the engineering part of this and started focusing on it”, shares Unnikrishnan, Founder, UKACEPL.

UKACEPL offers multiple services and are focused to provide what is best for that specific unit / project. The company has in-house core expert services in the portfolio such as Electrical, HT, LT, Low voltage systems, security and safety systems, HVAC, Public Health Engineering (PHE) to name a few. In addition to that, UKACEPL has a separate audit department, which conducts audit jobs for all the services like Fire Safety Audits, Electrical Audits and Energy Audits. This department is autonomous and is handled by a separate team who are not involved in the design activities. UKACEPL believes that there should be a clear understanding about the plan for the different type of industries based on their hazard and type, other residential and commercial buildings they are working. The systems are recommended based on the data received from the owners and designed meticulously.

UKACEPL believes that there should be a clear understanding about the plan for the different type of industries based on their hazard and type

Over the course of the years, UKACEPL has created an impressive clientele that includes reputed companies from various industry verticals including construction, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, and food industry to name a few. Recently, UKACEPL has also been working with the Indian Oil Corporation which showcases the reputation; they have been able to create within a decade and a half of operating in the industry. Looking at other big-name projects, the company has been modernising the State Bank of India corporate office, and they are also been having various cross-country projects. As far as the future is concerned, UKACEPL is expecting to generate revenue of 200 lakhs within the next year and thus cement their position as elite Indian MEP & Fire services Consultants and Engineers.