Niharika Associates Project Management Consultants [NAPMC]: A Team of Skilled Professionals Converting Experience into Client’s Success

CIO Vendor With the construction industry evolving rapidly over the past few years, the demand for project management services has also been increasing in terms of performance, cost, deadlines, and quality of work. To bridge the gaps, the construction companies have joined hands with project management consultants (PMCs) for expert advice/ project evaluation. However, with the lack of planning, ineffective coordination and deficiency of technical & managerial knowledge, the construction companies often end-up hiring various agencies, who work in silos, making it difficult to handle on day-to-day basis. Established by Bangarappa, an industry veteran with over 35 years’ experience in the industry, Niharika Associates Project Management Consultants [NAPMC] is an ISO 9001:2008 PAN India Constructions PMC company which has successfully completed numerous projects in all sectors that involved leading clients of the globe.

Bangarappa with his history of working in the construction management industry for over years holds rich experience working closely with prestigious architects and clients. Highlighting on the numerous challenges faced the clients, Bangarappa shares, “At Niharika Associates, we believe PMC services are not just about providing technical assistance to the clients on projects but it is more of offering endto-end services. Our clients approach us with a range of challenges such as Budget Constraint for which NAPMC coordinates with Architects and Consultants during Planning and Designing in finalising the Specifications and approval of the Makes to reduce the cost; TimeLines, to which we workout and prepare the Master Project Schedule as per practical sequence of execution and time required. We maintain a schedule of the project working parallelly in all aspects of execution and we ensure that the tracking of the Master Project schedule is done regularly to see that it is in control; Procurements, we believe Procurement of all long lead items should be initiated well in advance to get
the Equipment’s and materials to meet the project schedule; and Quality Assurance & Quality Control, for which we at NAPMC involve in finalizing the specifications and make use of equipments and materials. We check the manufactures’ Test Reports on the delivery of the materials to the site along with the Checklists and method statements for all the items of execution along with Testing, Commissioning and Handing over of the Project including Project Closure Documentation.”

NAPMC is renowned for providing value added services in the field of Project Management Consultancy in close co-ordination and relation with the Clients, Architects, and Consultants right from inception until the handing over of the project which is accompanied with a remarkable after sale services. The skilled team of professionals at the firm are easily accessible at all times at any critical juncture, attacking the bottle necks at all the corner of the projects including Pre construction, During construction, Post construction and Defect liability period.

Niharika Associates Project Management Consultants is in the process of making the industry better by providing the opportunity to the upcoming youngsters

Associated with leading Clients, Architects and Consultants throughout the country, Niharika Associates’ has recorded a positive growth since inception. With its unique performance in handling the projects, the firm’s willingness to take up client’s business anywhere in the country, and managing the Business and Personal Relations with all stakeholders of the projects, NAPMC has come a long way since inception. In the years to come, the firm is eagerly looking forward to starting an institution of internship for the freshers entering the industry.

Skilled in team building, project management, quantity survey and procurement, while entering this segment, Bangarappa experienced great haphazard, unsystematic, unprofessional approach in working environment which made them adopt better systems in working culture. However, enriched with such strong features, Niharika Associates Project Management Consultants is in the process of making the industry better by providing the opportunity to the upcoming youngsters with team building, team motivating and adopting advanced procedures.