Lex Mantis: A Renowned Name Scaling Unprecedented Heights in IP and Copyright Services Domain

CIO Vendor Media, entertainment and knowledge industries have emerged to be of seminal importance to the Indian economy and obviously intellectual properties and intangible assets are the principal drivers of these industries. Lex Mantis, a legal service platform of repute that caters in particular to these industries and provides intellectual property management services to technology firms, media and small and medium enterprises. Ever since its inception in 2012, Lex Mantis has been providing quality, fair and affordable legal services to clients without them worrying about hourly rates, expensive conferences or assembly line template services. Lex Mantis, unlike many others in the fraternity, does not believe in charging clients for consultations, discussions on calls or conferences.

The firm with its expertise in intellectual property law coupled with their knowledge of various industries has been advising and assisting domestic and international clients in the protection and management of their various intellectual properties in India and abroad, through the filing of copyrights, trademarks, patents and designs and drafting of related agreements. Lex Mantis’ forte lies in its diligent drafting of IP licenses and franchises, drafting apt contracts with clients’ business partners and advising them over brand protection and content creation to distribution around the world. Apart from the foregoing, Lex Mantis has also acquired proficiency in conducting legal due diligence exercises in each of the IP domains along with providing competitor intelligence. Anuradha Maheshwari, Founder, Lex Mantis says, “We function as specialist knowledge managers in the legal
domain and help clients bridge gaps between their potential and performance through value creation for them. We wish to form enduring relationships with our clients and be a one-stop legal management destination for them.” Of special mention she says, is how they have helped many media houses halt infringement of their IPs and how they have helped them avert litigation.

Undoubtedly, well regarded for their capability in IP law, the Lex Mantis also offers a gamut of legal services in corporate, privacy and data protection laws, transactional and human rights laws, which includes advisory as well as all related agreements and documentation. Lex Mantis has advised and assisted clients on compliance and regulatory aspects of doing business in India, entity structuring, shareholders agreement, bankruptcy related matters, privacy, data protection, sexual harassment of women at workplaces and more. Operating across verticals, including technology, media and entertainment, software and hardware, telecom, food and hospitality, real estate, advertising and communication, biotech and life sciences has helped the firm build an impressive clientele.

The open work culture at Lex Mantis is much appreciated by its employees and has played an integral part in the Firm consistently bettering itself and creating an inclusive, work environment for its employees. The team constantly keeps updating itself in the various applicable laws and is abreast of the latest developments be that technological or that of media and entertainment or of the corporate world and is therefore able to offer the best services to their clients. Adding about the firm’s technological advantage, Anuradha says, “Our expertise lies in dealing with media, technology and innovations and we are quite abreast of the latest technological developments, having to file patents relating to the same or draft agreements for the same.”

Anuradha maintains that the firm’s domain expertise, integrity of approach, quick responsiveness, strategy laced solutions, and timely deliveries are its distinctive hallmarks, which along with the goodwill the Firm has generated on account of its client relationships, have helped Lex Mantis to develop into one of the most sought-after legal consultancy firms in Mumbai. Growing stronger every day, Lex Mantis is planning to expand into new regions and become a name to be reckoned with in legal advisory and intellectual property management.